Kendall Jenner Has Already Accomplished So Much

by Augusta Statz

This model is highly fashionable and accomplished, and she only just stopped being a teen! Kendall Jenner turned 20 on Tuesday, and she has already achieved so much. In fact, I've compiled a list of 20 things she has accomplished by the age of 20, because this girl deserves some major props. I mean, I’m older than she is, and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much. But I’m not, you know, bitter about it or anything, if you can’t tell.

OK, so she was born into “America’s First Family,” but she’s also managed to develop a career that’s extremely successful and, for the most part, completely separate from her extremely famous family. She’s been on every runway from here to Paris, most recently snagging a spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway, NBD. It’s all just a day in the life of this super model, I suppose. Jenner was named one of the highest paid models by Forbes, so not only is she getting recognition — she’s also making bank. And to top that all off, she’s got the most liked photo on Instagram, like, ever. So, pretty much in every aspect of life (virtual and real, of course), she’s killing it.

On and off the runway, she’s the epitome of fashion. See her 20 biggest accomplishments, professionally and stylistically. In every way — this gal has made it. Big. Time.

1. Landing The Highest Paid Models List

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's nailed the catwalk and earned tons of cash in the process. Not bad.

2. Being Cast In Victoria Secret's Infamous Runway Show

This is every model's dream, isn't it? I'm just glad she can do it alongside her bestie.

3. Slaying Off-Duty Style

She knows how to dress in-between runways shows, that's for sure.

4. Becoming BFFs With Karl Lagerfeld


It doesn't get more #winning than that.

5. Joining the #BalmainArmy

Talk about being in the It-crowd.

6. Modeling For Calvin Klein

She basically started an Instagram trend. #MyCalvins, much?

7. Covering Vogue...

The most coveted of all spots.

8. And Then Doing It Again!

Multiple Vogue covers? She's killing it.

9. Nailing Airport Style Every Time

She's got that airport flow on lock.

10. Walking In Every Major Fashion Week

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From New York to Milan, this girl made it to every fashionable destination during fashion month.

11. Landing An Estee Lauder Campaign

I mean, she even has her own signature shade.

12. Running With A Crowd Of Model BFFs

Ain't nobody messin' with her clique.

13. Wearing A Jumpsuit Like No Other

Nobody does it quite as well as she does.

14. Totally Pulling Off A Pair Of Sneakers

Bright red? Good choice.

15. Landing Billboards In Major Cities

That's how you run things.

16. Posting The Most-Liked Photo On Instagram

Because she does no wrong.

17. Winning PFW, According To Instagram

This adorable snap was the most-liked of all Paris Fashion Week.

18. Scoring A Spot On The Most Influential Teens List

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She and her sister were on the TIME Most Influential Teens List because they're both pretty big deals.

19. Owning A Thigh-High Slit

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's practically the only person who could pull this off. And that's quite the accomplishment, IMO.

20. Creating Her Own Clothing Line

When she's not modeling clothes, she's designing them.

Here's to this extremely successful 20-year-old. As for next year — oh, the places she'll go!

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