Room 33 Will Finally Be Explained On 'AHS: Hotel'

As a child, one of your worst fears is that something is hiding underneath your bed. Well, thanks to the newest installment of American Horror Story , I now fear that something — or rather someone — is hiding inside of my actual mattress. But that is far from the only terrifying notion the Hotel Cortez has introduced throughout this season. For example, the place is practically infested with ghosts, who aren't about to let a little thing like "being dead" stop them from killing people. Then there's The Countess and her minions of mini-vampires. And don't even get me started on that Addiction Demon. However, there's still one creature we have yet to truly learn about and that's whatever is inside Room 33 on AHS: Hotel .

Up until now, the only mention there's been about this mysterious Cortez resident was when Iris mentioned that she had to go "feed that thing in Room 33." But we have absolutely no idea what that "thing" is. But according to a recent interview Entertainment Weekly had with Ryan Murphy, we'll be getting our very first look at this creature in Episode 5, which just so happens to be airing this week. "Yes. We have an entire episode dedicated to the thing in Room 33 — Episode 5," Murphy teased, right before announcing the character's actual identity. "The thing in Room 33’s name is Bartholomew." And while we don't currently know anyone that goes by that name, I can't help but have a sneaking suspicion that it's someone we've at least heard of before. Perhaps even from past seasons.

Since we know that Hotel will be closely linked to Murder House in particular, it would make sense if this Room 33 guest shared some sort of tie-in to Season 1. One possibility that automatically comes to mind is Constance Langdon's fourth child, who was briefly discussed but never actually seen. Constance told Vivian that three of her four children had Downs Syndrome or "some other such malady," while the other was the epitome of physical perfection. (I assume she's referring to Tate because: Evan Peters.)

In fact, she once told Tate that "You, unlike your siblings, have been blessed with so much." Taking that into account, then her fourth child undoubtedly suffered from some sort of physical condition, though it's unclear what exactly it was. Is it possible that this other Langdon child somehow ended up at the Hotel Cortez? This place has many creatures hiding throughout its various rooms, so there's no telling what kind of surprises lie on the other side of all those doors. Constance's child could very well be one of them — doomed to remain within the confines of the hotel for all eternity. Maybe Constance even went to the hotel to pay him a visit every so often. (This would also be a great way to get Jessica Lange back into the AHS world. Just saying!)

Another theory could be that the "thing" is actually Murder House's Infantata since he technically isn't one of the household ghosts and therefore has the ability to leave the premises. And if his connection to The Countess is as strong as I think it is, it would make sense for him to end up living close to her. (They both share the same affinity for the taste of blood, after all.)

But regardless of who (or what) this creature ends up being, you can be rest assured that it's undoubtedly going to give us all nightmares. Though, really, when it comes to AHS, would we want it any other way?

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX; ahsporn/Tumblr; whosay/Tumblr