Kylie Jenner Changes Her Look With a Septum Ring

Prepare for fake facial jewelry to hit the counters near you, because the Huffington Post reports that Kylie Jenner is sporting a septum ring for her upcoming Elle Canada cover. Jenner is known for experimenting with her look, having recently colored her hair blonde, not to mention the iconic mint green locks she sported earlier this year. Paired in the photo with an on-trend brick lip, a baby blue moto jacket and bustier, and dotted fishnet tights, the faux septum ring fits right in with Jenner's edgy-pretty aesthetic, and somebody in the marketing department is doing their job right, because I need that look in my wardrobe — now!

While copying Jenner's look exactly requires a cash investment that I would rather spend on pizza or the Urban Decay Vault II (drool), it's not too tough to find a faux septum ring on the market. Because other photos from the shoot show Jenner without the piercing, I doubt that Jenner actually had her septum pierced for this spread. Anybody with a piercing knows that the first commandment of keeping a new piercing is "thou shall not remove it," immediately followed by the second: "thou shall not touch it." Fortunately, that makes copying her look all the easier, no needles required.

Here are seven committment-free septum rings you can pick up today:

1. Dupe Kylie

Gold Septum Ring, $23.72,

This double-ringed piece is almost indistinguishable from Jenner's piece.

2. Gold and Ornate

Ornate Fake Tribal Septum Ring, $6.25,

Not for the faint of heart, this one channels the spirit of Jenner's ring.

3. Geometric

Fake Septum Ring, $23.74,

Perfect for when you're feeling subtle.

4. Silver Industrial

Nose Cuff, $59.00,

This is my favorite, but that's probably my bias for black lipstick talking. A cool piece with an industrial vibe.

5. Pop of Color

Fake Septum Ring, $5.50,

You can't beat a pop of turquoise.

6. Crescent

Fake Septum Ring, $9.99,

Why wear one ring in your nose when you can wear two rings in your nose?

7. Mustache

Fake Mustache Ring, $9.99,

Wait, are you telling me mustaches aren't cool anymore?

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Images: Etsy