These Are The Warmest Leggings To Work Out In

It's hard to stay motivated when the temperatures plummet if your workout involves being outdoors. As a pretty avid runner, I've taken some time to research how to not completely freeze on a run and found the warmest leggings to work out in. Though I might be sitting here writing from my couch right now, I know that I have no excuse to head out the door in an hour to knock out those miles.

Leggings are a great place to start if you're needing to up your winter workout wardrobe, but definitely not enough to keep you warm! Beyond extra cozy leggings, consider investing in a balaclava (yep, those face mask things—they work people!), a really great pair of lightweight winter gloves, and some extra warm socks. You may even want to consider snow-proof running shoes depending on how intense the weather in your area gets.

Warm leggings start with warm fabrics. As you're shopping for a pair, YouBeauty recommends reaching for leggings brands that include wool or polyester, both of which will "keep moisture out and warm air in." On the flip side, you're better off leaving cotton, nylon, and rayon leggings tucked away until days get warmer again.

Go kick ass out there and stay warm!

1. Climawarm Nordic Print Tights

(Nordic Print Tights, $55, ADIDAS)

A mix of polyester and fleece, these leggings will keep you cozy no matter how many miles you plan to cover!

2. Jackie Thermal Pant

(Jackie Thermal Pant, $110, Sugoi)

Lightweight and wind-resistant, this pair is a great fit for those extra breezy days.

3. Zone Leggings

(Zone Leggings, $110, Merino)

96 percent Merino Wool, you know you'll be extra cozy in these bright blue babies!

4. Heat Tech

(Fair Isle Heat Tech, $14.90, Uniqlo)

I cannot tell you how much I love Heat Tech! I wear these leggings all the time during winter!

5. Winter Warm Tights

(Women's Winter Warm Tights, $85, The North Face)

You know you can trust North Face for reliable workout wear, and these pants don't disappoint.

6. Soft Shell Tights

(Windstopper Shell Tights, $149.99, Gore Apparel)

These soft shell windstopper tights are 92 percent polyester, which means they're both breathable and nice and toasty!

7. Speed Tight II

(Speed Tight, $108, Lululemon)

Cool, cozy, and long enough to flip and cuff, these fun leggings use the brand's famous "Full-On Luxtreme" fabric material to keep you warm without getting sticky!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands