The Outfit Hack To Use When You Have No Time

We've all been there: You've literally got negative five minutes to get out the door, and you're standing in front of your closet in a bathrobe. The struggle of "I have nothing to wear" is never more real than when you're already late. But next time you find yourself tempted to cancel your plans because you can't decide on an ensemble, take a deep breathe. Here's the one thing you should do when you haven't had time to plan an outfit — reach for black.

Simple enough, right? I have all of my black pieces hanging in one area of my closet for this very reason. Stocking your closet with high-quality and interesting black separates is a surefire way to escape any outfit dilemma. IMO, black on black is chic, classic, and versatile. Grab a handful of gold jewelry on your way out the door, swipe on your go-to lipstick, carry a colorful clutch... the options are endless.

When you're choosing separates to pair, try to incorporate different fabrics and textures. It'll elevate the look and make it seem like you had this one planned out for days. (Little do they know...) Oh, and don't worry about the shades of black not being the same. It's just as cool when you're not opting for a matchy-matchy look, and chances are, no one will notice anyway.

Here are nine celebs to look to for last-minute black-on-black inspiration, whether you're going out on the town or just need a casual-cute lunch ensemble. And hey, maybe they grabbed these outfits on a whim, too — we'll never know.

Chrissy Teigen

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A sheer black top over a black bra is a daring and chic way to wear black-on-black.

Jessica Alba

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A black crop top paired with black bottoms is an on-trend choice, whether you go with high-waisted black jeans, matching shorts, or a cute skirt like Alba.

Gigi Hadid

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gigi wore black-on-black to the H&M x Balmain event, and the gold buttons go a long way in stepping up the outfit. The long length of her top adds a cool layering effect, too.

Kendall Jenner

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A black bomber jacket is a great topper to any all-black look, especially over a sheer top (we see you, Chrissy.)

Miranda Kerr

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can't go wrong with a black LBD, black ankle-strap heels, and a bold lip.

Olivia Palermo


Olivia's colorful accessories are the perfect finishing touches on an all-black outfit.

Victoria Beckham

Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A master of the all-black outfit, the matching lengths of Victoria's coat and dress give it a sophisticated touch.

Kim Kardashian


Who knew black formalwear could be so sexy? Leave it to Kim K. to show us how.

North West

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like mother, like daughter, right? I hope they make that sequined jacket in my size.