'The Flash' Reveals A New Harrison Wells Ally

Things may not be going so well on Earth-1, but they're even worse on Earth-2. Zoom is on the loose in the latter, and he's causing havoc for everyone there. In the big shocker of this week's episode of The Flash , Zoom has taken Harrison Wells' daughter hostage. Yes, daughter. Yes, Harrison Wells — or "Harry," as we're now supposed to call him — has a daughter on Earth-2, as if it isn't already hard enough to processes the fact that he exists. So who is Wells' daughter? Get ready, because family ties on The Flash just keep getting more and more complicated.

Harry has made his way over to Earth-1 to meet up with some old friends (who aren't exactly happy to see him whatsoever). In doing so, he left his daughter behind on Earth-2. This is the beginning and end of everything we know about Harry's daughter. We don't know her name, we don't know her mom — maybe Tess Morgan? — and we don't even know how old she is. Since Harrison Wells is still a completely new character to The Flash, you'd think there would no use in trying to find his daughter's origin in DC Comics.

But, it appears as if his daughter is from the comics. Though it wasn't confirmed in the episode, over the summer TVLine announced that newcomer Violett Beane would play Jesse Quick this season on The Flash. On Tuesday night, we were finally introduced to her, and yes, she appears to be Harry's daughter.

In the comics, Jesse is a speedster herself and from DC's Golden Age — that's the same age that our other newest speedster, Jay Garrick, just happens to come from. All signs point to the fact that this is her, and her story's been rewritten a little bit for The Flash to make her Harry's daughter. But if Jesse maintains her speedster abilities for the series, Zoom may want to watch out — this hostage could be very capable of fighting back.

Image: Katie Yu/The CW