'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Go 'Below Deck'

Ever since Below Deck began, I wondered if or when we would see stars from other Bravo reality series appear as charter guests on the show. With so many over-the-top and fabulously rich personalities on the network, Bravolebrities would not only be entertaining to watch as charter guests on Below Deck , but it would also make sense for them to be there. Well, Tuesday night was the night for this to finally happen as a couple of cast members from The Real Housewives of Atlanta went Below Deck, bringing their usual antics with them, of course.

Unfortunately, the entire RHOA cast didn't appear on the show. Can you just imagine how amazing it would have been to have a boat full of RHOA Housewives? The shade of it all! It almost would have been too much to handle.

Instead, Season 7 RHOA Housewives Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan arrived to board the Eros with Cynthia's daughter and mom and Claudia's friend. This bunch didn't bring the usual amount of RHOA drama, but they were some of the more outrageous charter guests this season of Below Deck.

If you didn't know that the RHOA Housewives were hard to please, you did after watching their appearance on Below Deck. They weren't happy to be told by Captain Lee Rosbach that they couldn't leave the dock due to the crazy-high winds, but they still found ways to entertain themselves — namely by calling Emile Kotze an "African Prince" and forcing him to feed them strawberries in some tight blue jeans and a tank top.

Then, after that busy day, they declined Ben Robinson's dinner in favor of a low-key night. The following night, they ordered Ben to hurry up and cook dinner ASAP. If you know Ben, you know he was not happy being ordered around like this.

And in the category of strange requests, the RHOA Housewives toured the crew's quarters, which was just like watching Lady Mary Crawley go downstairs on Downton Abbey. Oh, and they asked Connie Arias to dress up in her kitty-printed outfit and act like a cat, drinking milk from a bowl on the ground and all. Still, Chief Stew Kate Chastain said that was a relatively easy request to fulfill relative to what she's seen during her yachting career, so at least that's something.

In the end, both the RHOA Housewives and the Below Deck crew acted less dramatically than usual. Cynthia even gave the crew $15,000 in tip money for their hard work, which they were all satisfied with. Huh. An episode where everyone doesn't end up screaming at one another or crying. That never happens on RHOA or Below Deck.

Image: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo