Colorado Restaurant Offers Marijuana and Food Pairing Menu, So Make Your Reservations

Things we should all start asking in restaurants: "Can you recommend a marijuana pairing with my meal?" Now, the Denver and Boulder sushi restaurant Hapa is offering a food and weed pairing menu. Hapa has long been a stoner friendly place to eat. They encourage people with "the munchies" to drop by, their past ads have shown maps with their location in relation to the location of marijuana dispensaries, and they boast that their establishments are "ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia." Now they're going next-level.

This isn't exactly like a wine and food pairing menu, though. They list their various menu items alongside suggested marijuana varieties that would complement the meal — except the restaurant doesn't sell marijuana, and you can't smoke inside. Still, if you wander in high, it's good to know what meal would be best based on what you just smoked. So rejoice, stoners everywhere! You now have classy places to go when you get the munchies (just don't drive there, please).

Hapa's move is just one of many new ways that Colorado businesses are experimenting with legalized weed. Will marijuana become part of the fine dining experience in the future? Instead of just having marijuana clubs, will there also be bring-your-own marijuana restaurants? The legality is highly questionable, but technically, Colorado's anti-smoking laws only define smoking as use of "lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco," while Amendment 64 also allows marijuana use on private property with permission from the owner. It is also prohibited in public places, however, so one could make the argument that restaurants are out of bounds.

While we wait to see what comes next, you should just smoke some Blue Dream weed and head to Hapa for their Katsu Curry — I hear they go great together.

Image: Getty Images