Hailee Steinfeld's Braid Is So Unique — PHOTO

If you think braids are akin to ponytails and are as basic as it gets when it comes to hairstyles, please think again! Braids are having a moment, since they can be super chic, intricate, and high fashion when done right. Hailee Steinfeld's fishtail French braid is legit and is the most complicated, coolest, and most beautiful braid I've seen. Best. Braid. Ever. I am not exaggerating.

I admit that I am not the biggest fan of updos. But I would pay my stylist to do this to my locks.

Steinfeld, who is readying the release of her Haiz EP, is one of the core members of Taylor Swift's squad. But she is breaking out on her own as a style star and this braid is certainly an attention-grabbing moment for the singer and actress.

Vanessa Hudgens rocked sexy boxer braids earlier this year and Selena Gomez has expertly played with a glam, fishtail braid on the red carpet.

Braids are a perfect fall hairstyle, since they can look lovely with layered, collared, or hooded ensembles. They can also keep your neck cool on those crazy days when it's unseasonably warm during the day.

Let's face it. Braids are universal and work with all hair colors and textures, and outfits!

Steinfeld's braid starts out as two French braids that hug her skull before they merge at the base of her head and become one at her neck, with a fishtail. It literally morphs from French to fishtail braid right before your eyes. It's like an optical illusion, so it's a "locktical" illusion. Thanks, I'll be here all week... and gawking at Steinfeld's braid game.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez had the ultimate high-fashion braid! Her 'do had height at the crown and was delightfully messy.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It really has remained one of the gold standards when it comes to couture, red carpet braids!

Steinfeld's BFF Swift wore a braid as a headband to the Grammys. It was very goddess-like.

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Katy Perry once opted for a mega long, Cleopatra-like braid, which sat perched on her shoulder.

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Of course Rihanna paired her bright crimson locks with a fishtail braid. She had to twist her twists.

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rita Ora did golden blonde French braids with a sprinkling of pearl hair charms. It was such a sweet and schoolgirl look... but it was also dosed with Ora's signature edge and fashion sense.

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Actress Abigail Breslin also offered up her version of the mermaid braid. Adorbs!

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OMG, I totes forgot that Miley Cyrus had long hair! I am so used to her with her pixie. The former Hannah Montana did a big hair, don't care, sittin' on the shoulder side braid.

Ok, so who said something about braids being basic? Oh, right, they're not.

Images: Hailee Steinfeld/Instagram (1)