People Share Their Most Awkward Stories On Twitter

After experiencing an embarrassing moment would you rush to share it on social media or try to cover it up and never speak of it again? Thanks to one blogger’s candid admission, fans are taking her lead and droves of people are sharing their most awkward stories on Twitter. I am highly prone to embarrassing myself, whether it be clumsily falling on my face so frequently that people assume I’m drunk literally ALL the time, or saying the wrong thing in a sensitive situation. It would take a lot of bribery (or perhaps just some nice cheese? Hint hint) to coax me into publishing my awkwardness on the interwebs. However, on Sunday, popular blogger (aka The Bloggess) and New York Times best-selling author Jenny Lawson shared one of her recent embarrassing exchanges on Twitter. Her followers responded in kind, flooding the Twittersphere with their own hilarious experiences. Lawson retweeted all the classic moments for public enjoyment.

On Lawson’s blog she prefaces these wonderful cringeworthy moments, saying, “Thank you, amazing people for reminding us all how stupid and adorable and ridiculous mankind is, especially as the rest of the world screams 'ME TOO' at your mortifying confessions.” Lawson’s original confession was an exchange that happened during her travels for her book tour, her tweet read:

General pleasantries are rife with opportunity for failure. Many of the Twitter responses expand on people’s basic struggle with the english language and trying to be polite. I know from experience that when your brain goes on autopilot you can definitely say “Love you” to a co-worker or call your boss “Mom.” I have done both of these things. (Now can I have my fancy cheese, please?) The tweets are so wonderfully amusing you might just laugh out loud at your desk and have your very own embarrassing moment.

I have so been there! Just be glad your boss didn't text back "Love you too!"

Just a little early on that one! The holidays all end up blending together anyway.

And this is why I'm single...

So, wait a sec, not everyone takes their vibrator to the theater?

Not the strongest finish, but at least he made a lasting impression!

The problem with that is if you try to explain yourself, you just dig an even deeper hole.

If only I had that super power! I'd never be caught without an umbrella again!

Who knew what a treacherous place the drug store is! Jerry Seinfeld eat your heart out.

And I will leave you with a message from the king of awkward himself: Ralph Wiggum!

Image: P ixabay