Tell Your Grandma About Your Engagement Next Time!

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are engaged according to reports, but neither of the actors have announced it personally. And they must really be busy with the whole not-talking-to-the-media-about-their-engagement thing because it looks like they're starting to forget stuff. Like telling those closest to them about their plans for marriage. Emma Roberts forgot to tell her family about her engagement by the looks of a new video featuring her step-mother and grandma.

In classic TMZ fashion, the website sent a camera and an interviewer out to follow a couple of Roberts' family members out of a restaurant... uh... I mean, congratulate them on Emma's engagement. What resulted was the most endearing thing to ever appear on paparazzi film.

Robert’s grandmother, Lila Garrett, is the star here. While Roberts’ stepmom, Eliza Roberts catches on to what’s happening fairly quickly — although really not that quickly considering her stepdaughter just got engaged — Garrett is has no idea what’s going on.

The video starts off with Grandma Garrett spotting the camera, smiling, and saying “Oh, you want to take our picture?” The reporter explains that it’s video which is better because he gets to hear their thoughts to which Liz responds, “Well, who are you? Why would we want to share our thoughts with you? Who are you?” Totally reasonable since this guy never introduced himself. You can’t just go sharing thoughts all willy nilly.

Just then Eliza Roberts steps in and says “Oh, I think I know what this is.” The reporter mentions the engagement and asks how they feel about it. Roberts turns to Garrett and says “Emma’s getting married.” Garrett can then be heard saying “Oh, oh, I didn’t know about it.” I don’t think she meant until right this second, but it seems some like something where Eliza maybe mentioned it to her earlier in the day and she didn’t make the connection. Anyway, it was clear she didn’t hear about this from Emma.

While Garrett put her honesty out there, Eliza did a great job of giving an answer any PR rep would be proud of. She says when asked if she knew it was coming, “I mean… no, but it’s very romantic and if she’s happy, we’re happy.” She went on to add that “some very lasting marriages have started very young.” Well put!

You can check out the full video for yourself below and let Grandma Garrett win you over with her charms.

Image: Getty Images