Her Daughter's Celebrity Crushes

Songstress Jessica Simpson was on Live! With Michael and Kelly this morning and gushed about her 20-month-old daughter, Maxwell, who she revealed to be quite the "daddy's girl." Her daughter, although not even old enough to be in school, apparently has already taken a liking to certain male movie stars. "We have to watch High School Musical 3 every night because she likes to dance and Zac Efron is dada. So she has a crush on Zac Efron," she told the hosts. I'm not going to go into the weirdness of Simpson assuming her daughter calling a movie star "dada" means she has a crush on him... but it is pretty cute.

But here's the kicker. Not only does she have butterflies for the "Get Cha Head in da Game" singer (like many preteens and adolescents do), but she also likes a slightly older, slightly more-filled out, star. Simpson added: "And then we watch Family Feud, and she has a major crush on Steve Harvey. So, Steve Harvey, Zac Efron, my daughter's crushing. And they're all dada." Dada seems to have taken on a new meaning for the tiny tot (insert inappropriate winking emoticon here).

Images: Getty Images; Tumblr