Should You Cancel Your Plans Tonight?

We all have to make a lot of complex, important decisions every day, but perhaps none of those decisions are so complicated as deciding whether you should cancel your plans for tonight. Several times a week, you must decide whether you should be reliable and follow through with the plans you've already made with your friends, or just totally flake out and spend the night watching sitcoms from the '90s while wearing your sweatpants from college that say "FOXY" across the butt. And you're probably nearly driven to the point of madness several times a week when trying to decide between the two options.

There are so many factors at play here that getting a handle on all of them can feel daunting. On one hand: your friends love you! They want to spend time around you, and are duty-bound to clap for you during karaoke, no matter how badly you mess up the bridge of "Wannabe." On the other hand: if you cancel your plans, you could totally just spend the night watching that episode of Full House where Stephanie starts an Ace of Base cover band. How could you ever decide between these two equally worthy outcomes on your own?

Luckily, you no longer have to. We have developed this no-fail quiz to help you decide if you should fight through your resistance, put on a sparkly top, and go have the time of your life... or just lie about having a "stomach thing" and stay home, reading Netflix descriptions for six hours. So what shall this evening hold for you?

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Should I Cancel My Plans Tonight?

Whether you end up out on the town or face-planting into a pile of corn chips tonight, we hope you have a lovely evening.