'Mockingjay Pt. 2' Premiere Brings Killer Style

The premiere of Mockingjay Part 2 might still be a week away, but the cast has been making plenty of appearances to get us all hyped. During the Berlin premiere of the film, the stars all channeled their characters for the red carpet, making for one stylish event. Each of the Mockingjay Part 2 stars stepped out in an outfit that would make all of their fictional personas proud. Actually, I'm willing to bet that this is exactly what each of the characters would wear if they jumped out of the book and showed up to the premiere themselves.

Although Jennifer Lawrence's dress didn't go up in flames, it was a striking red mulberry color with fierce cutouts that would surely make Katniss proud. She posed with her two leading men, who looked as dapper as ever, and the rest of the cast pulled out all the stops as well.

Everyone from Elizabeth Banks to Natalie Dormer seemed to be inspired by their characters, and it made for quite the show. Whether they planned their outfits this way or did it purely by accident I don't know, but it was one killer red carpet event. Just look at how the cast brought their fictional counterpoints to life in style!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her dress wasn't made by Cinna, but it sure was show-stopping. Lawrence sure made the girl on fire proud.

2. Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson


Standing next to Lawrence were her leading men, who were dressed in fitted suits that somewhat resembled their movie costumes.

3. Elizabeth Banks


Dressed in an over-the-top dress and matching headpiece that would have made Effie proud, Banks looked as whimsical on the red carpet as her character does in the movie.

4. Donald Sutherland

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Sutherland kept his President Snow beard and look polished as ever.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, and not to mention that him and Lawrence pinned white roses on each other at the event.

5. Natalie Dormer

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Her character is a fighter, and Dormer's outfit completely channels that energy.

6. Jena Malone

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Malone's character is outspoken and is always in a new outfit. This stunning dress would be so appropriate.

7. Willow Shields

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Katniss's sister is a nurse and is always in touch with her outdoors roots, so it only makes sense that Shields showed up in this soft Earth-toned gown.

8. Stanley Tucci


I was a bit disappointed to see that Tucci didn't channel his over-the-top, wig wearing character more, but I guess the perfectly tailored suit did just fine.

9. Michelle Forbes

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Forbes' character is lieutenant of District 13, so it makes sense that they put her in an almost armor-like gown.

If this red carpet style doesn't have you ready for the movie, then clearly we're not on the same page!