7 Ways To Dress When Stressed

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, treat yourself to a cupcake on your lunch break, hit the order button on the boots you've been coveting — do something to maintain that relaxation mode. After all, the most predictable aspect of life is its unpredictability, and with that, stress is inevitable. Lucky for you, the remedies are bountiful. From ways to recharge when burnt out or comedic flicks to tune into, you are not eternally chained to the shackles of stress.

The importance of a day like this is to recognize the stress that dwells within everyone, no matter how minuscule or massive. Parks & Recreation's Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle famously introduced "Treat Yo Self Day" to the pop culture realm — an iconic moment in television that would revolutionize the way in how we combat stress. Yoga and sleep may be common cures, but what about fighting against life's obstacles through the power of fashion?

Loungewear is the secret to staying stress-free, so forget about those belly-digging jeans and toe-pinching stilettos. After an endless 9-5 of deadlines and projects, the most appropriate way to keep calm is through comfortable apparel. Don't know where to begin? Start shopping with these seven essentials and watch all of that toxic stress melt away. Retail therapy has never looked better.

1. Pajamas

Want to feel truly like a queen? Invest in luxurious silk pajamas, then prepare to pamper the night away, whether that be through a Wes Anderson movie marathon or a rejuvenating face mask. And to complete the package, light your favorite candle to fully eradicate a week's worth of stress. Your body will thank you.

ASOS Satin Cami & Short Pajama Set, $47,

2. T-Shirt

There is nothing truly better than a worn-in tee that has lived to recount the tales of your wild adventures — or in this case, wild night-ins.

Danielle Guizio Sinner Tee, $40,

3. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are normally banned in the sartorial world, but when it comes to perfecting your casual and comfy wardrobe, they are an absolute essential. Shedding those prim and proper pants is especially carthartic after an anxiety-inducing day — trust me, I've been there. For a stylish twist on the plain sweatpant, opt for a patterned version instead.

Vila Pinstripe Sweatpants, $45,

4. Slippers

We function on our feet almost twenty-four hours a day — so naturally, we want to give them some necessary R&R (all that walking, commuting, and stair-climbing can certainly take a toll in the long run). Time to kick off those heels and switch into blissfully dreamy slippers instead.

Daisy Street Sheep Slippers, $21.48,

5. Robe

Say good-bye to bulky bath robes — these days, runway-appropiate editions have made rounds. Had a rough day? You're not alone — simply throw on a silk floral robe, then top off with a bath bomb and a glass of bubbly.

Stone Cold Fox Garden Robe, $180,

6. Socks

Believe it or not, cute socks can have you going from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. Especially if they happen to involve pugs.

ASOS Pug Socks, $7.17,

7. Sweatshirt

Stress often translates to multiple caffeine runs, but when it comes to unwinding, it is key that you remain comfortable— so save the coffee run for the next morning. If you really can't handle waiting for your next fix, try a more fashionable alternative with this coffee-themed sweatshirt.

Kiss This Crew Sweatshirt, $57.33,

So maybe you missed your train, failed an exam, or are struggling with personal issues — it doesn't matter where your stress originates from, but rather, how you deal with it.

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