Karlie Kloss x Reformation Could Be Happening

Models obviously kill it on the runway, but more times than not their personal style is amazing, too, and that is definitely the case for this lady. Karlie Kloss could be collaborating with Reformation in the future, according to an interview Vogue had with the brand’s founder, Yael Aflalo. Kloss has been a fan of the brand for a while, so designing a capsule collection with them would be a dream come true for her, I'd imagine. It definitely would be for the rest of us.

If ever Kloss sets her sights to designing, I’d wear whatever Kloss she created because I love everything she’s worn, especially the Reformation pieces. From Cindy Crawford sweatshirts to flowing matching sets, Reformation and Kloss have combined for some extremely fashionable looks. “Karlie is very fashion, but she’s also very ethical and earnest,” Aflalo tells Vogue. So, it seems like Kloss’ values align with the ethical brand. And let’s just hope that all of this would align with my wallet.

Very few details about the potential collaboration have been released, but stay tuned for more information because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on some Kloss-approved pieces. See how well she reps the brand and get even more excited for the possibility of when she has a hand in creating the clothes instead of just wearing them.

Kloss is a fan of Cindy Crawford and Reformation. I knew I liked her.

This summer-y look is amazing.

I'm loving this fun, flirty floral number.

I mean, Kloss and Reformation go together like Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift.

Am I right?

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