Beyoncé + Kelly Rowland = Ultimate Karaoke Night

by Alicia Lutes

So fun fact about Jay-Z and Beyoncé: they, too, from time to time, enjoy an occasional dabble in the Japanese art of karaoke. Apparently game-changing and clever groundbreakers enjoy belting out their favorite tunes just as much as the rest of us. What's great about this is if you ever happen to find yourself in the same karaoke bar as the duo and you're singing a Beyoncé song, chances are pretty good that the übermegasuperstar will grab a buddy or two and barge in on your party to join in. Because Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland are goddamn dreammakers.

According to the Facebook page of Sing Sing Karaoke Miami, Beyoncé and her husband "took the VIP room with about 10 other people with them, including Kelly and Michelle from Destiny's Child. Possibly Timbaland, too, but I couldn't be sure. I heard a various mix of songs. But at the exact same time they came in, another room with three girls were singing a Beyoncé song (just by total coincidence) and Beyoncé heard them and went in their room and took pics with them. Needless to say, those girls were in shock."

Shock is putting it lightly. What's probably far more likely is that they lost their ever-loving shit, because that's the only proper reaction to Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland crashing your party. That's right: three unsuspecting girls managed to make a singalong to Queen Bey (hopefully something from her new album, Beyoncé ) all the more enjoyable simply because timing really is everything.

Followed by...

And if you weren't already seething with jealousy at the prospect of singing a Beyoncé song with goddamn Beyoncé, then perhaps this image (via security camera screen grab — well done on using creep tactics to your advantage, Sing Sing) of the girls getting surprised by Yoncé and Rowland will change your mind.

Not only that but the folks over at BuzzFeed have managed to drum up another gem: the token Sleeps Through Everything friend getting unknowingly photobombed by Rowland and B:

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to go daydream about how totally cool and perfect our singing along with Beyoncé would be.

Even though deep down we'd be freaking right the fuck out:

Image: Sing Sing Karaoke & Beyoncé (no, really)/Facebook [4]; BeyoncéGIFs/Tumblr [2]