Here's What Happens To Peeta In 'Mockingjay'

If you're a Josh Hutcherson fan (or if you just like nice blonde guys who bring you food), there's a good chance you're wondering what happens to Peeta in Mockingjay, Part 2 , the movie that brings the end of the Hunger Games. The boy with the bread has been through a lot by this point, including serving as Tribute for two Games, being tortured by the Capitol, and receiving constant reminders that Katniss just really isn't that into him. So, will the final movie finally give him a happy ending, or will he once again get the short end of the stick and end up old and alone like Haymitch? Or, worst case scenario: does Peeta die in Mockingjay? Say it ain't so!

It isn't an unlikely theory that Peeta would perish at the end of HG; many epic series involve the death of one or more beloved characters. This narrative device serves the purpose of ramming home the whole "war is bad" theme and also of stirring up just the right amount of tears in the reader by sacrificing an amiable character but letting the main protagonist live. Need proof? Lupin, Tonks and Fred Weasley in Harry Potter. Boromir (and a ton of other characters) in Lord of the Rings. Bing Bong in Inside Out (I'm not over it yet, okay?!). So, will this be the fate for our sweet Peeta? If you really want to know, here are the spoilers for what happens for the iconic nice guy of the Hunger Games trilogy.

He Lives

Fear not — Peeta makes it out alive! When Katniss returns home after getting off the hook for Coin's murder, she discovers that Peeta is alive and well in District 12. He has worked intensively through therapy to undo the tracker jacker brainwashing imposed on him by the Capitol, and he now remembers his love for Katniss. Let's all breathe a collective sigh.

He Wins The Girl On Fire (And They Get In On)

Katniss realizes that Peeta's kindness and righteousness mean more to her than Gale's desire for revenge, and she sees that the baker's son has always been her destiny. Having discovered what every reader/viewer knew all along, Katniss climbs into Peeta's bed once more... and this time, they do more than cuddle to ward off nightmares.

He And Katniss Start A Life Together

Despite having been fake married, Peeta and Katniss eventually get married for real. They have two kids, a daughter who has Katniss' hair and Peeta's eyes, and a son who has Peeta's hair and Katniss' eyes. And although the bloody history of the Games can't be erased, they live happily ever after.

Are you vomiting yet? No? Fine, maybe it's just me. Peeta's fate is painfully stereotypical, but I guess such a happy ending is deserved after all the trauma of the previous movies. And, you have to admit that it's pretty cool to see the nice guy finish first. Attaboy, Peeta.

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