The Everyday Battle Of You Vs. Your Self-Esteem

Need a little daily reminder to give yourself a pat on the back? Well, BuzzFeed's "Talking To Your Self-Esteem" video will make you want to give yourself a big bear hug! Like a Millennial version of Inside Out, a woman trying to decide where to sit at lunch travels inside her own head only to discover the embodiment of her self esteem lighting up a smoke and hurling some pretty brutal insults. The video highlights how we rarely think about the consequences of how we talk to ourselves. Oftentimes, we are way too harsh, the little voice inside our head nagging that we are not pretty enough or smart enough. It’s easy to get lost in the vicious cycle of talking ourselves down and comparing ourselves to others (aka the Facebook and Instagram cycle of shame).

This video is a great reminder that it is important to practice positivity and self-love everyday (wait a sec... you know what I mean). Having confidence in ourselves and our abilities is the first step towards a fulfilling life. How can we put ourselves out there and make new friends if we don’t have the confidence to try? How can we have a healthy relationship without strong self-esteem? So get out there and do that stand-up open mic! Apply to that cool new job! Take it from me, you are amazing and you look great in those jeans. Check out the following four stages of talking yourself up and prepare to give yourself a sweet high five on the inside:

Realize That Your Self Esteem Is Being A Jerk

With friends like these...

Remind Yourself Of All Your Strengths And Wins

You've got to give props where props are due!

Put Things In Perspective

Sometimes things really are NBD, and so not worth obsessing over!

Let Your Self Esteem Do Its Job

Now that your self esteem says you are all that and a bag of chips, go out there and kick some booty!

To watch the complete love-tastic video, check it out here:

Images: YouTube