Furries On Twitter Are Lusting Over Tony The Tiger

Tony the Tiger, of Frosted Flakes mascot fame, is suffering extremely naughty replies on Twitter from the furry community, who simply can't resist begging him to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Yes, furries as in folks who enjoy role playing as anthropomorphized animals, which in some, but not all, cases also becomes integrated as part of their sexual play.

Now, who among us doesn't know the satisfying "YAAAAS" that comes with stumbling upon item #7 on "33 Cartoon Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening"? The existence of it alone implies that tons of us felt stirrings in our swimsuit areas watching smirky Aladdin, dreamboat Eric, or kind of sexy misogynist Gaston woo the ladies of their choice (or, for the non-Princess lovers among us, Trent Lane, from Daria).

Some of us even appreciated character traits enough to feel those stirrings about non-human cartoons, like Max Goof, Robin Hood the fox, or (and I know this last one is universal), teen Simba. Look, it happens. Weird sexuality is there in our child brains forever, and we have endless hot Disney prince roundups to validate that we aren't all total weirdos. Or, that we are all total weirdos, which is also OK, because we're all equally affected!

And now that it's The Future, we can all find our special corner of the internet, where likeminded weirdos can congregate and revel in their weirdness, without courting shame from different types of weirdos who don't understand your particular weirdness, but also, don't have any room to judge, because they also have their own weirdness lurking somewhere within.

All of this is to say: yucking people's yum is mean and unnecessary. But that doesn't mean this particular story about Tony the Tiger isn't hilariously amazing.

So really, who could blame furries for thirsting after Tony the Tiger? He's super buff, he wears a jaunty hipster bandana around his neck, and he peddles cereal that reminds you of your simple, carefree, sugar-hyped childhood! Here are some of their best flirts:

And one possibly in-denial furry:

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Image: Screencap/Twitter