Here's How To Style H&M x Balmain

by Augusta Statz

OK, so you woke up early, stood in line, fought the crowds, and you’re now the proud owner of a shiny new piece of clothing (or two) from one of the most talked about designer collaborations ever. But now you're wondering exactly how to wear H&M x Balmain. Because, let’s be honest, these pieces are not exactly casual. They are pure fashion! And hey, if you snagged a piece of this gear, you’re one of the lucky ones, so my main advice is this: wear it with pride, girls and boys.

With holiday party season coming up, there will be plenty of dressy occasions where this Balmain garb is totally appropriate. For more everyday wear, however, I recommend pairing an H&M x Balmain piece with something very understated. I know the models load up and wear Balmain everything, but that’s not actually practical on a daily basis unless you are Kendall Jenner. Although, if you’re feeling the Jenner vibe, more power to you.

Here are six ways to style your new pieces for an average day, so you can get more bang for your buck. Items such as black turtlenecks and simple shoes will really allow the #HMBALMAINATION pieces to shine, and, after all that you went through to get them, that’s probably what you really want. Enjoy your fabulous new clothing!

1. H&M x Balmain Velvet Pants

Turtleneck Top In Black, $107.49, ASOS

Silk Blend Velvet Pants, $129, H&M

A sleek and simple black turtleneck is all you need to wear with a pair of pants that are this amazing.

2. H&M x Balmain Braided Embroidery Top

Top With Braided Embroidery, $129, H&M

Faux Leather Asymmetrical Skirt, $19.90, Forever 21

An asymmetrical leather skirt will pair nicely with this highly embroidered top.

3. H&M x Balmain Suede Waist Belt

Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $22.90, Forever 21+

Suede Waist Belt, $199, H&M

With a belt like this, a simple sweater dress will do just the trick.

4. H&M x Balmain Blazer-Style Jacket

Long Wool Jacket, $149, H&M

Panel Leggings, $58, Nasty Gal

Pair this jacket with leather leggings, and you've got yourself one chic look.

5. H&M x Balmain Faux Fur Jacket

Leather And Faux Fur Jacket, $129, H&M

Bodycon V-Neck Dress, $32.25, ASOS Curve

Let this statement jacket be the focal point with a figure-hugging black dress to go along with it.

6. H&M x Balmain Velvet Dress

Silk-Blend Velvet Dress, $149, H&M

Corset Heel, $78, Nasty Gal

These heels have a tinge of green to them, so they'll match your dress perfectly, without over-powering it.

Now, get out there and work it!

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