Don't Make These Hair Mistakes This Winter

Hair and skin can really take a beating in the wintertime. Breaking, brittle ends and limp locks can plague you during the most wonderful time of the year because you might be making some common errors in your hair routine. What's a girl to do? Listen and learn. Here are all the winter hair mistakes you’re making and how to combat them this season.

You would think that summer is the worst of all the seasons for your hair. You see damage, thanks to the sun, the salty sea, a chlorine pool, and beachy highlight dye jobs. Not to mention, the ridiculous humidity that can cause you hair to frizz out and become completely unworkable. But if you thought that was bad, wait for winter. The sun can still damage your hair while you’re tearing up the slopes, and the extreme cold and dry air (outside and indoors, thanks to heating) can wreak havoc on your strands.

In order to save your hair, you’ll need to make some subtle changes to your routine to keep things healthy and vibrant this winter. For starters, how you wash your hair and how often you wash it should definitely change. Also, depending on your hair type, you might consider changing the products you use in order to get through the winter.

Below, I rounded up some of the biggest winter hair faux pas and how to combat them.

1. Having Wet Hat Hair

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"Make sure hair is totally dry [before putting on a hat ]—if it's even slightly damp, it will dry flattened-out under the hat," says hairstylist Garren, owner of the Garren New York salon, according to Allure. In lieu of using hot tools, let your hair dry naturally and then tuck it up into your hat to retain body.

2. Washing Your Hair Too Often

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This can be tricky. There is no magic number of washes you should be giving your scalp per week, but know the more you wash and expose your hair to the drying effects of water, the more brittle your hair will feel. I suggest limiting washes to twice a week come winter.

3. Not Switching Your Shampoo

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If you suffer from dandruff, the flakes at the base of your scalp could be soaking up excess oil and leaving your locks limp and dull. You may need to switch shampoos and go for a formula that is more moisturizing with ingredients like shea butter.

4. Not Keeping Hair Trimmed

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Trimming off dry split ends every six to eight weeks will keep your hair looking bouncy and healthy. Routine trims are an easy way to keep hair shiny and strong during the winter.

5. Exposing Your Hair To Extreme Temps

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Whether it's a burning hot blowdryer or walking around your icy cold apartment with wet hair, any type of extreme temperature can cause your hair to break off. Instead of torching your locks (or freezing them off), wrap your hair in a gentle microfiber towel, like Aquis' Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, to not only protect your strands as they dry, but to also help them dry quicker.

6. Going Out With Wet Hair

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As a curly haired gal and "throw some mousse in it and go" advocate, I am totally guilty of this. Turns out, going out with hair even a little damp is a terrible idea. "Try not to leave with wet hair because even a little dampness will turn hair stiff," L.A. celeb hairstylist Mara Roszak told Cosmopolitan. "Squeeze your tresses with a towel to absorb excess water, then flip your head over and blast with a diffuser. It takes just five minutes, and it'll keep your locks from freezing."

7. Not Protecting Your Hair From Certain Fabrics

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Heavier fabrics like wool can be rough on your strands. Make sure your hair is 100 percent dry or wrap a silk scarf around your hair before tucking it up in a beanie.