Justine Skye's "I'm Yours" Lyric Video Is A Blast

by Kristie Rohwedder

When my pop music-loving colleague Alex Kritselis recommends a song, I take his recommendation very seriously. Dude knows a bop when he hears it. So when I read his praise for "I'm Yours" by Justine Skye featuring Vic Mensa a few months ago, I wasted no time in checking out the Insomniaks-produced jam. And just as Alex promised I would be, I was immediately hooked on the final track off of Skye's 2015 EP, Emotionally Unavailable. Fast-forward to this Tuesday: the lyric video for “I’m Yours” premiered.

The clip for "I'm Yours" depicts what I assume must have been one of the coolest karaoke parties in karaoke party history. (No I am not a karaoke historian. I'm simply going with what my gut says, and my gut says this "I'm Yours" party is the tops.) Here are a few of the reasons why the social gathering featured in the "I'm Yours" lyric video looks like a positively splendid time:

1. Whoa, What A Group

Justine Skye’s karaoke get-together is replete with famous faces: the attendees list includes Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Hit-Boy, Shaun Ross, Keith Powers, Ian Connor, and Anastasia Karanikolaou. "Super cool guest list" seems like an understatement.

2. I Repeat: It's A Karaoke Party

Come on, who doesn’t love some good karaoke among friends?

3. There’s A FaceTime Interlude

When it’s time for the party guests to karaoke along with Vic Mensa, the rapper provides the verses via FaceTime. Who saw that surprise coming? Not me. Way to keep the party on its toes!

4. The Leopard-Print Cylinder Karaoke Room

I think I am obsessed with that karaoke room? Yeah. I am definitely obsessed with that room.

Seriously though, what IS that magical room?