8 Reasons You Need to Watch 'PLL' In Your 20s

by Courtney Lindley

Finding a good television show at any age can be life changing, but finding one that resonates with you on some level and delights you on others is especially important in your 20s. At a time when possible breakdowns about love, life, and career are aplenty, sinking into a solid world of make-believe can be all you need to get through the day. There are so many television shows that try to realistically and/or comically depict what life is like as a 20-something (Girls, Friends, New Girl, etc.), but not all of them have the same kind of wit, and noir-ish, over the top fantasy that basically catapults Pretty Little Liars to the top of the "You need to watch this as a 20-something" list.

Yeah, I said it! While the trials/tribulations of these alarmingly well-dressed high schoolers were probably initially intended for a younger audience than maybe yourself, Pretty Little Liars has become the essential show for every person in their 20s. And guess who's catching on to the fact that PLL has turned out to be so relevant and so pertinent for every 20-something? Well, the show's creators of course! Doesn't it seem especially apt that PLL would choose to explore a time-jump narrative, one that launches the liars right into the midst of post-college life? I'd like to think that in PLL, there are no coincidences. (Though I would be totally wrong to think that, considering how coincidences kind of makeup the majority of the story).

Here are eight reasons every 20-something needs to watch Pretty Little Liars, as if you needed any more:

1. To Show You The Importance Of Friendship

In your 20s, friends, more or less, become your family. Who else will save your life from an unidentified digital bully — I mean help you navigate the cruel world of being an adult — for six seasons – I mean, years? Your friends have your back. Even if you lie to them all the time. (That part's not advisable though.)

2. To Demonstrate How The Truth Always Wins

Speaking of lying, try not to do it. If these girls have taught us anything, it's that the truth will always set you free. (That, and wow, there are a lot of different ways to braid your hair, aren't there?!)

3. To Remind You That Things Are Never What They Seem

Is the man you started dating when you were underage a viable potential life partner or no? Has he been torturing you and your friends or no? Never forget that in your 20s, things are never what they seem. In all seriousness, ask questions when something looks and feels off — and never be afraid to dig deeper.

4. To Prove That People Can Change

On that note, people can surprise you in a positive way. Turns out Ezra wasn't a bad guy! And that Ali went from Regina George 2.0 to a solid, stand up gal pal, all in the matter of a few seasons! If that doesn't prove people can — and probably — will change around you, I don't know what does.

5. ... And That Things Are Always In Flux

Here's a constant: Change. In your life, the only thing you can count on, is things always being in flux. Especially, especially, in your 20s, when life scenarios, friendships, geographic locations, etc. are always shapeshifting. If you need help navigating that fact of life, take solace in the way the liars understand ebb and flow.

6. To Show That Your Relationships Will Probably Be Challenged

Boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends: All of these relationships will be put through some sort of challenge in your 20s, but the best way to navigate them is to do what the liars do: Roll with it, never forget what's important to you, and definitely never forget how someone makes you feel.

7. To Confirm That You Can Overcome A Lot

Seriously! In your 20s, you might feel weak and sensitive at times, but you are tough. If the liars can get through being tortured and trapped in a doll house, you can persevere through that awful internship and terribly located apartment that's infested with bed bugs.

8. To Remind You That Your Voice Is Your Biggest Currency

Always remember that speaking up — in your love life, at work, at home —is one of the most valuable things you can bring to the table, for yourself and for others. Just think, if the liars had only spoken up earlier, their lives would be a whole lot different, am I right? Fun new theory: the entire Pretty Little Liars series is less of an actual series and more of a PSA to remind us that we should always tell people (like adults and authority figures) what's going on when sh*t hits the fan?

If this wasn't enough to convince you, just think of everything we'll learn about 20-something life after the PLL time jump. It's going to be so instructional to watch, that truthfully, you won't be able to avert your eyes.

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