7 Reasons To Consider Shaving Your Face

While there are many ways to eliminate unwanted facial hair, most of them don't have any extra benefits to them. What do you get after a wax other than a raw upper lip, insane redness, and pain? That's why these seven reasons to consider shaving your face are especially valuable. While acceptance of facial and body hair is totally badass, for those who want to get rid of the peach fuzz on the sides of their face or the hairs coming in above their lips, there isn't much that's more simple than a quick shave.

Lately, ladies shaving their faces has started to be recognized as a mainstream beauty trend. However, it's actually been around for quite some time. Hollywood's biggest classic starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces back in the day. While many could assume that shaving your face is only good for hair removal, that's just not the case. Major celebrity beauty gurus — such as Hollywood facialist Kate Somerville — have espoused the ways in which shaving can have long term and short term skin care benefits. Plus, that old rumor about your hair growing back darker and thicker than before is totally untrue. If you're still not convinced, I've got more reasons for you to pick up the razor.

1. Shaving Gently Exfoliates

Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper, $5.00, Amazon

Shaving can actually work as a gentle exfoliator for your skin. Instead of going to a facialist to have your dead skin removed, a quick shave works just fine.

2. Shaving Helps Product Absorption

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer, $37, Sephora

An exfoliated canvas means that products will absorb more easily into the skin. If you're feeling extra dry this winter, shaving may actually help your daily moisturizer absorb better.

3. Shaving Provides A Smoother Canvas

M.A.C Cosmetics Full Coverage Foundation, $33, MAC

If you rock full coverage makeup, bumps on skin and even your peach fuzz can make your foundation less than flawless. When shaving, you've got baby smooth skin to work with.

4. Shaving Won't Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

Venus Gillette Swirl, $8.99, Target

Despite old wives' tales to the contrary, your hair will not grown back in thicker! While this was mentioned above, I'm reiterating it for it's importance because it's definitely a rampant rumor.

5. Shaving Can Make You Look Younger

Whish Shave Cream, $20.00, Ulta

The constant exfoliation and ability of products to absorb are going to come in handy. All of the other benefits of shaving combined means that your skin is well taken care of, and in turn, looks younger.

6. Shaving Is Cost Effective

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive, $13.99, Ulta

Dermaplaning is the process of shaving off dead skin from the face, and at a facialist, the price can get up there. Save money by conducting your own dermaplaning at home!

7. Shaving Eliminates Hair

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This one is obvious, but hey, the number one reason to shave is hair elimination. If you've been unhappy with your usual removal method, I'd say it's time to give shaving a go.

Images: vladimirfloyd/Fotolia; Courtesy Of Brands