Black Nail Polish Is Back & Here's How To Wear It

Although it's a classic, there are actually many ways to wear black nail polish. Once upon a time black nail polish was worn only by goths, emos, people in rock metal bands, or teen witches. Black nail polish has since soared out of the realm of the occult and into the mainstream and tons of celebs have been spotted wearing this glam shade from Blake Lively, to Demi Lovato, and even Emma Watson. This midnight hue still owns its magical, mysterious roots, yet it also rocks a confident and elegant attitude. Nowadays, I like to think of black nail polish personified as Wednesday Addams all grown up.

This autumn/winter sees a return to dark nails with deep blue and green hues making a comeback, along with glitzy metallic nail polishes proving popular. Although these decadent shades are gorgeous, I have a real soft spot for black nail polish; call me nostalgic. Not only is it iconic and a reminder of our youth but it also goes with everything. It can make workwear look slick, party ensembles appear chic, and lend an edge to everyday outfits.

In honor of this legendary shade, here are a selection of ways you can wear black nail polish all year round, without looking outdated.

1. Marvellously Matte

Jessica Black Beauties Gloss & Matte Duo, $27, feelunique

With this set you can choose whether to have traditional glossy black nails or modern matte nails. Matte nails add an air of luxury to your outfit and tone down the intensity of the traditionally high shine polish.

2. Awesome Ombre

This tutorial shows viewers how to create an ombre effect with black and red nail polish but if red is too bold for you, swap it out for your favorite color instead.

3. Subtle Sparkle

Nail Polish In "Night Breed", $14, Amazon

Add some sparkle to your manicure with a glittery black nail polish. The small speckles of silver sparkle in this polish will give a subtle shimmer to your look and fingers crossed you might even get away with wearing it for work!

4. Marbled Monochrome

Make a really stylish statement in a marbled manicure using black and white nail polishes. IMO this style would go wonderfully with vintage and retro clothing. Swap out the white polish if you fancy something a little funkier!

5. Black Velvet

3D Flocking Powder Velvet Nail Art Black, $3, Amazon

Flocking powder will give your nails a velvety finish which will inject some texture into your mani. Nails with a layer of flocking powder would look incredible paired with a velvet dress for fall or winter.

6. Futuristic Fingertips

The Final Frontier - Holographic Black Nail Polish, $7, Etsy

Transform into a space babe and flaunt futuristic fingernails with a holographic black nail polish; you're sure to look out of this world. Wear this polish with metallic garments and celestial accessories and make like Judy Jetson.

7. Glitter Gradient

This is a gorgeously glam style which would be perfect for a party. Pick your favorite colored glitter or color co-ordinate it with your outfit for a perfectly polished look.

8. Transformative Topcoat

Formula X Transformers Top Coats In "Blast Off", $5, Amazon

If you wish to dip your toe into the noir nail pool before diving in, why not try out a black top coat? Wear this edgy, black confetti topcoat polish with your favorite hue underneath or even on its own.

9. Noir Stars

Black Stars .125 Nail Glitter - SAMPLE To 2 oz, $1, Etsy

Add a galactic finish to your black manicure with some black stars. Layer them all over and fix in place with some clear nail polish for a full on effect. To enjoy a more subtle finish, add one star to the centre of each nail with either a black background or nude nails.

10. Punk Studs

50 pcs Mini Spikes Studs - Custom Punk Nail Art DIY Accessories, $5, Etsy

Crank up the grunge with some kick ass spiked studs placed on top of your traditional, black manicure. This is a fabulous idea for Halloween or all year round when you fancy giving out some bad gal vibes.

11. Fashion Forward

This is a style for major followers of fashion as it takes inspiration from iconic fashion house Chanel. It will give your overall look a certain irresistible je ne sais quoi.

Whatever your taste or mood, there is a black nail polish style to suit. You no longer need to be an Avril Lavigne fan to wear black nail polish, so enjoy the dark side of manicures this season.

Images: Courtesy Brands