How To Channel Space Chic In 'The Jetsons' Fashion

There are so many things to love about The Jetsons, but I'd be lying if I said The Jetsons' fashion isn't one of the things I adored about this cartoon as a child. There were also, of course, flying space cars, robot maids, and incredible inventions, too!

Nostalgia is a cruel mistress; she makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but then you begin to yearn for that world in which you saw only the light and rarely glimpsed the darkness. For instance, a time when you had no idea what greenhouse gases, fracking, or factory farming were and your only concern was which Beanie Baby you were going to take to your friend's house. But we cannot be children forever. Unless you're Peter Pan. Will someone fly me to Neverland please?

The Jetsons was created in the 1960s by Hanna-Barbera and you can totally tell it was made in this decade. Aside from the stylistic Googie architecture in the series and the endearing, aging artwork — which in comparison to our now HD screens, the illustrations and colors look like they are fading away — there are many other plot and character choices that make it clear to the viewer that it was made in a different era. As an example, The Jetsons are comprised of a heterosexual, married couple and two kids — which in the 1960s would have been the "average" family archetype.

Nowadays, however, there are unlimited variations of different individuals who could make a "family;" heck, you could even argue that extremely close friends who lived together are a family unit.

On another note, some people believe that The Jetsons predicted the future and it's quite hard to argue with the evidence, seeing as they used gadgets like videophones way before Skype or FaceTime were invented. Spooky, huh?

So here's how to steal the style of your favorite spacey ladies from The Jetsons, so you can be lightyears ahead of the fashion world.

Judy Jetson

Judy Jetson was the teenage daughter of The Jetsons family and she was the epitome of a stereotypical, American teen of the 1960s. She enjoyed swooning over rock stars, conducting long telephone calls with her friends, and shopping. And her fashion style was fabulous.

Judy was most often seen in a pink co-ord, sci-fi crop top and skirt with matching leggings and wore her hair tied up in a really cute, high ponytail with a bow. But IMO, her mother Jane is actually more stylish than Judy and it appears that Jane has a much larger wardrobe than Judy as well, containing way more futuristic haute couture. Sorry, Judy.

On the plus side, modern day pop icon Katy Perry told Teen Vogue that Judy Jetson was one of the women who influenced her look, which must be a huge achievement for a fictional futuristic gal.

Judy's style was very youthful, fun, and she would most definitely be the envy of many a galactic babe in her time period. I imagine if Judy existed in reality, she would be seen wearing the following styles.

The Classic Judy Jetson Outfit

Quilted Pointy Crop Top, $11, Forever 21

Vero Moda Petite Skater Skirt With Zip Front, $54, ASOS

Matte Pink Stirrup Leggings, $40, Black Milk Clothing

Black Glitter Large Hair Bow Clip, $20, Not on the high street

Channel classic Judy in head to toe pink with an edgy crop top, skater skirt, and bubblegum pink leggings. Finish off your look with a glittering black bow for your barnet to add the cherry on the cake.

An Alternative Judy Jetson Inspired Outfit

Silver Lamé Shirt By Unique, $160, Top Shop

Sunray Pleat Skirt By Unique, $160, Top Shop

Airborne Jacket, $168, Etsy

Curly — Silver Mirror Met P Shoes By BCBGeneration, $85, Heels

Linear Square Bangle, $6, Forever 21

Asos Space Age iPhone 5 Case, $15, ASOS

Rock some silver in these awesome designs by Unique at Topshop. Don't forget your futuristic shoulder padded jacket to keep away the chilly space air! Complete your outfit with matching flats, a geometric metallic bracelet, and of course a saturn patterned phone case.

Jane Jetson

Jane was the mother of The Jetsons family and an absolute space age style maverick. In her everyday attire, she wore an outfit similar to her daughter but her occasion wear was on a whole other level.

Jane had a special machine called the Dress Selector, which projected outfits onto her body in a very futuristic version of Cher Horowitz's digital wardrobe. Now this is the kind of tech I could really get used to. Someone please invent this!

IMO, Jane Jetson's style was a cross between Lady Gaga couture and Desperate Housewives suburban chic.

The Classic Jane Jetson Outfit

Word To Your Color Dress, $55, Modcloth

Leather Bib Necklace Purple And White Leather Collar, $48, Etsy

Angelina Full-Length Seamless Leggings In "Lavender," $9, Amazon

Enter a purple haze with this purple hued outfit. Sport a geometric collar of the same color scheme to add a space age vibe.

Alternative Wardrobe Choices For Jane Jetson

Just look at this fabulously futuristic mommy! The first outfit looks like one of Katy Perry's performance outfits and the second is like a genius combination of a Disney Princess dress and villainess gown merged together.

Vintage Op Art Psychedelic Thigh High Slit Space Dress, $70, Etsy

Crescent Moon Dress, $70, Etsy

Crinolina Dress, $257, Cyberdog

Rhinestone Shard Front Studs, $25, Top Shop

Millie Holographic Strappy Two Part Heel, $35, Boohoo

The space print dress is actually a vintage dress from the 1960s, which is very fitting for Mrs. Jetson. I imagine she would wear this on a day to day basis around the house and for running errands. The crescent moon, space green dress would be worn to an evening out to dinner and the silver, crinoline inspired dress would be saved for special occasions. Jane could wear the rhinestone earrings and the holographic shoes with each of these outfits to further the dresses' futuristic vibes.

Blast off in space girl chic inspired by Jane and Judy Jetson.

Images: Hanna-Barbera Productions (8); Giphy (3); Courtesy Brands