A Broken Nail Can't Stop Kylie Jenner's IG Game

Being an It-girl is all about the details, right down to the pinky. Kylie Jenner showed her broken nail in her latest selfie, so maybe she is just like us after all! Oh, who am I kidding? The reality star may have sported a less-than-perfect manicure, but the rest of her ensemble was seriously glam. And even with one imperfect finger, she still has way more nail game than the rest of the world.

I barely even noticed her broken nail in this photo thanks to her Moschino underwear and stand-out gold bangles. Her black briefs cost $105 at Net-A-Porter, which is more than my last four manicures put together. But hey — no one said this teen had inexpensive taste!

Although I might never own a pair of designer undies, knowing that Jenner breaks a nail sometimes just like I do gives me hope. That is, until I scroll down her Instagram feed and remember just how many stunning nail designs that she's rocked. While I'm left doing at-home touch-ups, I'm sure that someone will be called in to fix Jenner's bad nail day faster than it takes for your top coat to dry.

Jenner has definitely taught the world that extreme style is possible at every age. She's blossomed from an awkward tween to a highly fashionable woman in front of our very eyes. One thing that makes her so fabulous is her versatility, which is definitely apparent in her changing nail color. From bubble-gum pink designs to all-natural hues, no one can rock a mani better than Jenner. Here are some of her very best.

1. Ultra Long

This nail look completed her Halloween outfit perfectly.

2. Classic White

Matching her black and white outfit, she kept the color of her nails subtle.

3. Au Naturale

This is about as close as Jenner comes to keeping it casual.

4. Bubblegum Barbie

How adorable are these nails? She treated her friend to a fun at-home birthday mani and this was the outcome.

5. Mighty Mauve

Although the star loves to keep it bright, she showed off this fabulous fall color in her mirror selfie.

6. All-Black Everything

She pained her nails black to match her pool attire, which made for a high-fashion head to toe look.

Check out that nail close up.

7. Bright Purple

She doesn't rock bright colors all that often, but when she does, it's flawless.

I don't know what's going on here, and I don't even care.

8. Matching Group Hues

Can you imagine nail night with Jenner? I'm willing to bet it's the most fun relaxation time ever.

9. See-Through Glitter

Now this is the perfect way to rock glittery nails.

Not even a broken nail can get in the way of Jenner's incredible style.

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