Animals + Fall Leaves = Extreme Cuteness

For those of you who live in a region where autumn means a rainbow of foliage, you know it's absolutely one of the best parts of the season. It's only logical that the one thing that could make a colorful array of leaves even better is cute animals playing in fall foliage. Though we see these shades of orange, red, and gold at the same time every year, something about it is pure magic that never gets old — and when you add some adorable little critters? Be still, my fall-loving heart!

Whether it be a pig, a kitten, or a bunny rabbit, animals are frequently both enamored and amazed by crunchy piles of goodness when placed before them. It's a glorious reminder for all of us to stop and appreciate the little things in life, even if that little thing happens to be a leaf. Plus, as we recently learned from the National Wildlife Federation, you actually shouldn't rake away your leaves, due to the habitats and food they provide for various ecosystems. Aside from being environmentally conscious, it's just one more reason to embrace the extreme cuteness overload of animals in autumn.

So, in an effort to spread the joy, I've taken the liberty of assembling the ultimate collection of adorable critters frolicking in the leaves. If you need me at any point during this season, I'll just be staring at that mini-pig.

1. This Cozy Hedgehog

If only we could all just squirm into a li'l leafy nest.

2. This Mysterious Cat

This cat looks like he's plotting some sort of leaf-related mischief. Then again, cats are always plotting something.

3. This Smiling Dog

Who says dogs can't smile? Clearly they've just never seen a Lab in the leaves.

4. This Squishy Cat

Pudge the cat dramatically watches the falling leaves before heading outside to pounce. When you think about it, leaves are essentially nature's greatest cat toy.

5. These Beautiful Birds

For all of you Planet Earth fans, please enjoy this super-HD clip of birds nibbling on seeds amongst the fall trees. There's a bonus squirrel that makes an appearance, too.

6. This Hyper Puppy

This canine has been truly blessed with not just one, but two massive leaf piles for his diving pleasure. He's clearly very appreciative of the person with the rake.

7. This Sneaky Cat

This cat clearly has a mission: Search and destroy all leaves in its path.

8. This Sassy Lizard

Fall isn't merely for puppies and kittens; bearded dragons need their foliage fix, too.

9. This Burrowing Puppy

Poo-chon the fluffy pup is so good at burrowing in leaves, you don't even see his head pop out until ten seconds into the video.

10. This Hungry Squirrel

I feel you, squirrel. Replace those leaves with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and it's essentially a portrait of me all October.

11. This Zen Corgi

Either this corgi has discovered the meaning of life, or he thinks that leaf on his face is a giant spider.

12. This Mini-Pig

Known as "Willow," this petite porcine creature is encountering leaves for the first time, and her wiggly reaction is priceless.

Images: B Rosen/Flickr, Giphy (4)