'New Girl' Season 5 Spoilers From Hannah Simone Tease Schmidt & Cece's Wedding Planning

We may still have a few excruciating months to go before New Girl Season 5 premieres, but that isn't stopping diehard viewers (such as myself) from gathering up as much intel as possible regarding what these beloved characters will be up to when the show finally returns. And given that a certain duo have nuptials to start planning, something tells me this could very well become the best season yet. I recently had the chance to chat with Cece herself, Hannah Simone, who shared some juicy New Girl Season 5 spoilers, while promoting Sterling Vineyards Wines and giving Thanksgiving cooking tips.

For Simone, the No. 1 thing she loves most about Cece and Schmidt getting back together is the fact that their journey as a couple can now be fully explored rather than just focusing on the pursuit itself. "It's been really fun," the actress says. "[The writers] kind of kept Cece and Schmidt in that will-they-won't-they world for a few years now and the fact that we can now just be together and dive into those storylines, that's been really exciting because you get to focus on other things." What kinds of things, you may ask? Well, picking out Cece's wedding dress, for starters.

"There actually is an episode that we shot where they go to try to find the perfect wedding dress," Simone teases. And while you'd assume that such an errand would fall to the maid of honor, this bride-to-be will be getting help from a different (but equally lovable) loftmate. "It's Cece and Winston ... and it was one of the funniest things to shoot in the entire world. Jake Johnson was directing, who plays Nick Miller on the show, so that was a really fun episode."

However, when it comes to planning the rest of the wedding, Simone thinks that Schmidt will more than likely be the one taking the reigns. "I mean, knowing Schmidt, I think he's going to be highly involved… if anyone is going to turn out to be the bridezilla, it's not going to be Cece." And while it's probably safe to say that the maid of honor position will go to Cece's longtime BFF, Jess, Simone thinks the role of Schmidt's best man is still up for grabs. "There's always Ferguson! I mean, there is a long list of eligible best men," she says. (So if someone could start photoshopping a bunch of different tuxedos on Ferguson's body ASAP, that would be great.)

But how would Simone's love of wine fit into Schmidt's big wedding plans? Step 1: Have your wine and drink it too, as the actress, who loves to cook for friends, explains, "everything within my dinner, I baste it in wine." Step 2: Make sure that wine is up to the groom's high standards. "If it was Schmidt it would probably have to come from Sterling Platinum… I don't think he would settle for anything less." And who knows? Maybe the reception could turn into a rousing game of True American.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX (2); gamesofdrinking/Tumblr