Schmidt Proposed To Cece On 'New Girl' & Schmece Fans Are Freaking Out Right Now

A few weeks back Max Greenfield himself offered up hope that a Schmidt and Cece reunion could be in the cards, but fans had absolutely no idea what the New Girl Season 4 finale "Clean Break' had in store. Get ready, folks — because Schmidt and Cece are engaged on New Girl and I could not be more thrilled with this incredible turn of events. It's taken us all season — oh heck, it's taken us this entire series to get to this point, but if Tuesday night's episode is any indicator, the wait Schmece fans have had to endure is going to be well worth it as we head into Season 5.

Granted we shouldn't be all that surprised with this happy outcome. Well, at least the getting back together part anyway. As soon as Cece realized that she still had feelings for Schmidt, I knew their romantic journey would get rekindled at some point, so why not throw a grand gesture like a proposal into the mix? We know full well how much they love each other. They deserve all the happiness they can get.

But let's back up a minute and start from the beginning. Soon after becoming newly single (see ya, Fawn!), Schmidt was determined to follow Coach's example and make a "clean break" from his past. But when he attempted to throw his Cece box of memories away, he just couldn't bring himself to let it all go. That's when Jess decided to do what she does best: meddle! Though, she technically found a loophole since she didn't tell Schmidt how Cece feels about him, but rather she told Nick about it right in front of Schmidt's face. Works for me!

Bottom line is, though, that Schmidt found out Cece is still in love with him and he was beyond excited about it. (It was pretty adorable, actually.) So much so that he was ready to climb a mountain just to tell her that he feels the same way. Little did he know, however, that she was already standing outside his front door. And after admitting how much they both love each other, Schmidt presented his lady love with the $5 bill he'd once placed in the douchebag jar during their first interaction together. And what did he say to her that earned him said payment to the jar? "Girl, I'm going to marry you." That's when he got down on one knee.

Guys, I'm still not over this incredible moment. Schmidt is completely heartfelt and serious for possibly the first time ever, which made his incredibly romantic gesture all the more special to witness. So save the date for a New Girl wedding, people! Season 5 cannot come soon enough.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX