Why You Should Use Aloe For Your Skin Year-Round

We've heard that aloe is good for sunburns. In fact, I'll bet you have a jumbo bottle of the gooey, green stuff stashed under your sink right now. But just because we're no longer laying out in the sun all day long (le sigh), doesn't mean that we can't still put that aloe to good use. There are plenty of reasons to still use aloe for your skin in the winter. Because the fact of the matter is that aloe is just plain good for you regardless of the season.

Besides, summer isn't the only time you can get burned. And "sun" isn't the only type of burn that aloe can help soothe and heal. Whether your curling iron turned on you, or you were outside battling the winter winds for too long, aloe can also help relieve some of the symptoms associated with isolated burns and even windburn. Lest we pigeonhole aloe as a first-aid product, you should also know that it can easily be a staple in a skincare routine. You might even be surprised at what it's capable of. Because why should coconut oil have all of the glory? Here are five more reasons you shouldn't retire your aloe gel at the end of swimsuit-season.

1. It Can Ease Eczema & Psoriasis

Because eczema is something that affects the body both inside and out, it needs a treatment both inside and out. And whadya know? Aloe can be used both inside and out of the body. According to, drinking aloe vera juice and/or applying aloe vera gel topically can help treat eczema.

As for those with psoriasis, Dr. Ed Zimney reported to Everyday Health that, although there is not yet a peer-reviewed study, some research has shown applying aloe vera topically to be just as, if not more, effective in treating plaque psoriasis than a certain topical steroid.

2. It Can Help Treat Acne

Aloe is pretty great at healing, and that includes acne. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of aloe to the affected areas and allow it to dry before getting dressed or going to bed. The University of Maryland Medical Center reported that the polysaccharides found in aloe are what help stimulate the growth and repair of skin.

3. It Can Remove Your Makeup

Aloe is such a simple and natural solution to taking off the day. Just squeeze some out onto a cotton round and lightly sweep over areas you need to remove makeup — even your (closed) eyes.

4. It Can Be Used As A Shaving Cream

Two of aloe's most notable properties are how moisturizing it is and how slippery it is. Which means that it's basically the perfect shave gel. Use it alone for a close and comfortable shave, or even mix in a few drops of your favorite, good-for-the-skin oil. Oh, and you can totally use it after you shave too to moisturize some more and soothe any razor burn.

5. It Can Be Used As A Moisturizer

We've covered how the moisturizing property of aloe is good for treating concerns like burns and irritation, but it just has to be said that it also makes it a pretty ideal, well, moisturizer. Mix it in with your regular lotion for a boost, or just apply it straight from the bottle (or leaf if you have your own plant) to lightly hydrate. But if you use it alone, just remember to wait a couple of minutes for it to dry before getting dressed or hitting your pillow.

Images: Unsplash/Pixabay; Miki Hayes