'Drunk History' Invents The Brassiere

For three seasons, audiences have been learning about some of history's most noteworthy inventions and moments via an unconventional channel: Comedy Central's Drunk History . And Tuesday, November 10, the show takes a trip down memory lane with a the invention of the bra. Mary Phelps Jacob invented an undergarment that would forever change the course of women's fashion, for better or worse. The piece of fabric with cloth, underwire, and adjustable straps we know as the modern bra was once made of two handkerchiefs sewn together.

As Tuesday's episode of Drunk History informs us, 19-year-old Jacob invented the bra when she was sick and tired (with good reason) of wearing an uncomfortable whale bone–lined corset every day. When she took her idea to the patent office, the guy giving out patents said: "Everyone's had boobs for goddamn forever. I understand that you think you made something, but you f*cking didn't." Or you know, something like that. But that didn't stop Jacob.

Played by the one and only Parker Posey, Jacob is headstrong and determined to make her idea work and have it purchasable for the masses. The history lesson plays out with gorgeous period garb, and you know, a couple of well-placed "F" bombs.

Watch the hilarious and informative clip below. Comedy Central's Drunk History airs Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Images: Comedy Central