The 7 Best Stoned TV Scenes, Ranked

I have no problem admitting that I love binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu in my rare chunks of duty-free downtime. I love TV, I love movies, and I've written about that love a lot. I've also touched on the fact that I don't hate marijuana, and I have enjoyed its sweet, mellow embrace on more than one occasion. (In fact, I highly prefer it to booze, since more than two drinks usually makes me feel incredibly sick, and also because studies have shown that alcohol is far more dangerous than weed.) But, what I've yet to write about is how awesome it is when these two lovely luxuries combine. That's right, I'm talking about TV's best stoned scenes.

While drunk scenes abound on TV, (and are so overdone that half of them aren't even funny) stoned scenes are a bit more rare, (though, thankfully, they're becoming less rare all the time) and because of this sad fact I always feel particularly giddy when I stumble across one. Especially a really funny, undeniably relatable one. So, I've decided to put years of mentally bookmarking TV's best stoned scenes to good use. Here are TV's top seven stoned scenes, ranked by general awesomeness.

7. When HIMYM Flashed Back To The Gang's Dorm Room Days

I love HIMY for so many reasons. But truthfully, one of the reasons I love this show so much is due to how many fun, friend-related pot references and stoned scenes it contains. And the scene above? An absolute classic. I mean, the gang is pretty much the perfect picture of college life here, what with the tie-dye and the reggae and the bunk beds and all. Plus, their high convos never disappoint. You've got Lily getting all deep and personal, you've got Ted struggling to listen as his mind wanders onto random goofiness, and you've got Marshall being a lovable dumb-ass with an infectious laugh. It's a perfect flashback to their stoner college days, and it flashes me back to mine as well.

6. When Louie Got High With His Pothead Neighbor

Louie is one of my top five favorite shows right now, and scenes like this one are a big reason why. Like everything Louis CK does, this scene manages to be absolutely hilarious and super creative at the same time. Plus, I love how freaked out Louie gets after just one hit (weed's come a long way since the '70s, apparently). And the dog changing breeds mid-high was a nice touch, too. Honestly, I dig this scene so much that if it weren't for the vandalism near the end of the clip it would be even higher (pun intended) on my list of TV's best stoned scenes. But I take offense to totaling someone's car just for giggles, so number six is high as I can let this gem climb.

5. When Will Ate A Joint And Freaked Out Super Hard

Oh my god. I love this scene (and The Inbetweeners) so much. It's obviously funny with all the arm spasms and Will's repeated cries of, "I think I might be dead." But I also love this scene because it's unfortunately relatable. Anyone who has smoked weed more than a handful of times has probably had at least one freak out. And although it sucks so much when you're the one who ends up going from zero to paranoid after one hit, it's kind of fun to watch when it's a fictional character. Of course I feel bad for poor Will, but just go ahead and try to watch this clip without laughing. I dare you.

4. When Brian Briefly Got Weed Legalized In Quahog

Okay, so this Family Guy gem isn't a traditional stoned scene. No one has any profound realizations, Doritos are nowhere to be seen, and it doesn't exactly focus on the process of packing, rolling, or eating Mary Jane and then proceeding to giggle one's butt off amongst friends. But this is literally a pro-marijuana anthem, and weed is certainly partaken of throughout the scene. On top of that, how can you not enjoy watching Brian and Stewie construct a make-shift xylophone out of glass bongs which they not only play, but also tap dance across in unison? This scene has earned it's number four spot. Plus, it's super catchy. If you don't believe me, have a listen.

3. When Roger And Stan Accidentally Got Baked

This scene is super short, but I dig it so much because it perfectly captures that blend of unending munchies and contented indecisiveness that occurs after one gets really, really stoned. If you've ever found yourself making extended eye contact with groceries while fellow shoppers pass you by, then you know what I'm talking about. Oh, and if you like this scene as much as I do, check out the full episode (title: Joint Custody) on Netflix. It's nonstop weed-related hilarity.

2. When Red And Kitty Ate Special Brownies

There is something truly special about watching parents, particularly such well-behaved parents as the ones on That '70s Show , getting blazed AF and laughing incessantly with other parents. And watching the mellowing affect those brownies had on Rhett is truly a delight. You've got to wonder if he would've been less of a grouch if he'd indulged in bud just a tad more.

1. When Abbi And Ilana Ripped Bongs With College Kids

This scene, like all scenes from Broad City, is funny as hell. On top of that, the music is dope and the smoke tricks (which look so cool, I kind of don't even believe they're real) make me want to cry tears of joy and pride for this gifted stranger. But the real reason this scene wins is because it breaks the stereotype that girls aren't into weed. Undoubtedly, some girls aren't into weed, and that's okay. But I love that Abbi and Ilana are consistently showing how women friggin' love weed just as much as dudes, and it's really nothing to be ashamed of.

Image: Comedy Central