Taylor Swift Rocks Fall Fashion Basics

Continuing to prove that she has never left the house looking anything but stellar, Taylor Swift carried an Elizabeth and James handbag, and it was the perfect accessory to her early fall outfit. According to her Twitter, Swift is currently in Singapore, but temperatures in the 80s are not going to stop her from wearing a cable knit sweater if she wants to. Here Swift follows an easily replicated formula — loose top, slim fit bottom, accessorized with a basic black bag and topped with good ol' Ray-Bans. But there's more to the outfit than meets the eye. Shall we analyze?

Swift's outfit is an excellent staple for early fall, and its secret lies in its combination of a corduroy skirt and knit sweater, which are not cozy and warm, but also provide textural contrast, which ups the outfit's visual interest. Also, the bulk of the sweater contrasts with the slim fit of her skirt, which keeps the look balanced. The visual balance that the sweater and skirt provide keep the outfit interesting, but the accessories really make it. The Ray-Bans she's chosen are classic, black, and will match almost any outfit and her Elizabeth and James handbag is black and features a classic shape, while the strip of alligator at the bottom of the bag provides visual interest.

So, while I might not be able to afford an Elizabeth and James handbag anytime soon (or ever), I can certainly look for a black handbag with, say, patent leather accents, and it will give me the same effect, without sacrificing my Netflix membership for several years.

All that being said, this outfit is really simple to replicate. Let's take a looksie:

1. The Sunglasses

Original Wayfarer Classic, $155,

Can you ever go wrong with Wayfarers?

2. The Sweater

Cropped Ribbed Knit Turtleneck, $24.80,

As long as it's cropped, bulky, cabled, and light blue, it'll work.

3. The Skirt

Skater Skirt, $19.88,

This skirt would look good with tights when the temperatures start to drop.

4. The Handbag

Black Charlie Satchel, $645.00,

Ouch, I do not like that price tag. Since this handbag is likely less important than buying and eating dinner is for most of us, there's the option to rent it at Rent the Runway for $100.

5. The Shoes

Silence + Noise Half-Stacked Heeled Ankle Boot, $79.00, urbano

Easily paired with skirts, leggings, dresses, or jeans.

6. The Nails

Essie Bordeaux, $8.50,

This deep burgundy is the very essence of fall.

7. The Lipstick

Rocket, $5.00,

Any peachy pink lip color will do.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see how closely I can replicate this outfit with my existing wardrobe.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)