The Best Thing About Sharing A Bed With Someone

Sleeping alone is amazing, but when someone creeps back there, and by there I mean your life and your bed, before you know it, your routine is thrown and you're back to sharing your precious sleep space. And here's the best part: sharing your bed with someone else again is like riding a bike, not only because you remember how to do it, but also because you remember how great it is.

There are so many great things about sleeping alone solo, too. Having an entire bed to yourself for what is hopefully at least seven hours of uninterrupted, blissful Z's... there are honestly few things that surpass it. It's even been proven to be better for your health.

It's occurred to me as of late that the longer you sleep alone, the more your nightly routine just takes over and becomes the norm. For me, that would be prepping my dog's side of the bed (yes, he has one) and making sure the pillow I like best is stacked on top.

But sharing your bed is probably one of the more intimate things you can do with someone, even more so than sex. You're at your most vulnerable and exposed. And with intimacy, also comes comfort, connection... and, just, fun!

How much? Let me count the six different ways.

1. It's Actually Good For You

You heard it right! Sleeping with someone in the bed can benefit your health in a multitude of ways, including reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, the oxytocin released when sharing a bed with someone else not only releases feelings of happiness and security, but it also yields some pretty solid health benefits, like decreased inflammation and even may reduce blood pressure.

2. Pillow Talk = Best Talk

This is going to sound a little, well, odd, but in my opinion some of the best dates I've ever had are in bed. And no, I don't just mean of the sexual nature, but more so the time after. Lying with someone when you're about to doze off, is often when you also communicate the most openly and learn the most about the other person. It's one of the headiest connections that exists; like the best drug in the world, you can just get strung out on it.

3. There's Lots Of Cuddling

It is what it is. And what it is... is cuddling. That little thing that makes sharing a bed the best ever. Not to mention, likely means you have a pretty healthy relationship on your hands.

4. They Keep You Warm

Whether it's putting a blanket over you when you're shivering, or wrapping you up in his/her arms, there's no denying a bed partner doubles as a bonafide heating source.

5. Two Words: Morning Sex

Even if it's not Wednesday, an occasional morning Hump Day is very easy to pull off when you're sharing a bed with someone, and it can be a very strong start to your day. Even science says so.

6. Waking Up And Seeing The Person You Care About Right In Front Of You

Call me mushy, but it's inarguably a great feeling. You just want to stroke his or her's hair, and probably do, because the object of your affection sleeps soundly by you, and dammit, it's fantastic. It's like being able to see right into their soul for a minute, and hopefully not just in a creepy you-watch-them-sleep way.

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