The One Secret For A Perfect Smokey Eye

Beauty bloggers will tell you that there are a bazillion different steps and fifteen different products necessary to get the perfect smokey eye, but I am here to assure you that that's a lie. While you can use a plethora of products and spend hours blending different eyeshadow shades together, there is one trick to getting a perfect smokey eye. That's right, folks — ONE simple key step that will take your sultry eye makeup to the next level.

Who doesn't love a good smokey eye? It's the perfect makeup look for a night out. Unfortunately, the smokey eye can be one of the most elaborate eye makeup looks to master. That is, until you learn my little secret.

The trick to getting the perfect smokey eye is just so easy. After you apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara (or whatever assortment of products you use to get the base for your smokey eye), you should apply a black gel eyeliner into your waterline on both the top and bottom. Putting eyeliner in your waterline is the best way to add some intensity to your smokey eye and it honestly changes the whole look. It makes it roughly ten times more dramatic and sultry, and who doesn't want that?

Maybelline Lasting Drama By Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner, $8,

I recommend using gel eyeliner, because in my experience, it lasts the longest. I use Maybelline's Lasting Drama By Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black when I rock a smokey eye, and I can honestly say that I've gone out, gone to bed (with my makeup still on — yikes!) and woken up with the eyeliner still in my waterline. It's the best and it only costs about $8. So go forth and conquer that eyeshadow like the queen of smokey eyes, Kim Kardashian West.

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Image: Maybelline