9 Times The 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters Should Have Gone To The Police

One of the reasons Pretty Little Liars is so consistently watchable is that absolutely anything can happen. Sure, things can get a little too ridiculous at times, but each episode hooks viewers with its wild theories and must-see events. The fact that characters seem to get away with pretty much everything they do certainly helps the craziness — because let's be real, the town of Rosewood is not known for having a reliable police presence. Having been hurt by cops before, the Liars have a general distrust of the police, and as a result, they very rarely report anything. In fact, all of the PLL characters are more likely to lie to the police than call them when they're in trouble, even though there have been plenty of times that the Pretty Little Liars should have gone to the police to report a crime.

Their hesitance is understandable; even with people like Toby having been on the police force, it's still difficult to know who is trustworthy in that town. It often feels like every cop in Rosewood has a dark side, and as past seasons have shown, even the so-called "good guys" on the force don't always have the Liars' best interests in mind. Still, there have definitely been times that the PLL characters should've gone to the cops instead of trying to figure things out on their own, such as:

1. When Ezra First Hooked Up With Aria

Look, I've always been Team Ezria. But do I feel ashamed about that fact? Sometimes. Because Ezra Fitz should be way more responsible than he is. Even if you ignore his ulterior motives for trying to protect the gang, a 20-something teacher really should not have been dating a teenage student — and Aria's friends should've raised their concerns with some adults.

2. And When Ezra And Aria Made Out On School Property

As said above, it seems like a pretty bad (and illegal) idea to be dating your English teacher — and an even worse one to show PDA on school property. Ezra was in a position of authority at the time, and so it was truly not OK for him to make out with Aria in the hallway. Someone really should've reported it.

3. When The Liars Received Inappropriate Online Messages

Online harassment is a major crime, and the Liars face a lot of it. The Liars need to report every instance of online bullying they face, and yet every time it happens, it seems that Caleb is the only one with enough sense to think about calling the police.

4. And When They Were Harassed Via Text

Receiving threatening text messages or calls is a crime, people! Report it. And yet the Liars never, ever do.

5. When Spencer Found Out Ian Was Filming Her Without Her Consent

When you find out that your sister's creepy boyfriend has been secretly filming you and your (underage) friends for years through your bedroom windows without your knowledge or consent, call the cops, OK?

6. When The Liars Were Almost Killed

Like, every time. There have been plenty of times in which the girls in PLL have been attacked and nearly killed. They don't always report it though, fearing what A (or, now, Uber A) might do. But they really should.

7. When The Liars' Houses Were Broken Into

If you find evidence that someone has broken into your house, especially if they've left you a threatening message, you should tell the police immediately. What if they're still in the house? What if they're planning on coming back? This is not something to ignore, and yet that's exactly what the Liars tend to do.

8. When The Police Ended Up Being The Bad Guys

If you suspect the police of being untrustworthy, go to a different police station and seek help there, rather then simply talk amongst yourselves about why your town is so terrible.

9. When The Liars Were Harassed By Masked Attackers

If you're attacked by a gang of strangers wearing masks straight out of a horror movie, definitely report it to the police. That's not normal behavior, at all.

Oh, PLL: high on the drama, low on the responsible crime-reporting.

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