Selena Gomez Is Killing It With Her Neckwear

This girl can do no wrong! Everything she’s worn lately has been a major hit. Selena Gomez wore a fur scarf, because her neckwear game is just as strong as everything else she does. From rocking skinny scarves to a dress with a built-in choker, she’s got the whole neck accessory thing down pat.

All of the items she’s adorned her neck with have been super trendy and chic, and this fur snood scarf is no different. Fur is having a major moment right now, so I’m definitely wanting to follow Gomez’s lead with this latest look. I plan to stock up on some (faux) fur-cessories, you me feel me? Since scarves are staple fashion pieces in frigid temps, you might as well make sure yours is super sophisticated and warm, right? Besides, what else could go better with that faux fur jacket of yours?

Check out Gomez’s latest neckwear, along with the best fuzzy, furry scarves you should be shopping this winter. Colder weather will be upon us soon, so you’re going to want to be just as prepared as Gomez is for this change in season. Go on and get your faux fur on, why don’t you? It’s sure to be your new fav accessory.

She looks so fashionably warm and cuddly.

1. Striped Snood

Striped Faux Fur Snood Scarf, $44, Urban Outfitters

Those vibrant blue stripes are everything.

2. Faux Fur Collar

Monki Faux Fur Scarf, $35.83, ASOS

This is the perfect way to top off any look.

3. Pink & Fuzzy

Color Block and Roll Infinity Scarf, $28, Nasty Gal

Scarf so soft you can't resist.

4. Sweater Scarf

Alpine Extravagance Circle Scarf, $49.99, ModCloth

This is like a sweater for your neck.

5. Patchwork Faux Fur

Patchwork Faux Fur Scarf, $98.53, ASOS

With this many colors of fur, this will go with practically anything you wear.

6. Pink Mink

Faux Fur Snood, $16.90, Forever 21

I love the slight pink coloring in this neck wrap.

Load up on all of the furry neckwear you can. You'll love how it'll make you look and feel.

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