7 Reasons Colin Firth Is The Christmas King, From All His Oscar Movies To That 'Bridget Jones' Sweater

The holiday season is here in full force, and you should be ready to see one face non-stop. No, I don't mean Santa (although you will see his jolly beard and belly a lot throughout the end of the year). I'm talking about Colin Firth, who is the Christmas king of movies. The handsome and talented British actor has appeared in many amazing movies, but he seems to have a certain sparkle in the holiday-themed ones. And that's not to mention that he's often starring in Oscar-nominated films, which are usually released during the holiday season for Academy Awards consideration.

Seriously, it's all about him during the winter months. Firth is famous for playing two Darcys — Mark Darcy in the Bridget Jones movie franchise, and his namesake Fitzwilliam Darcy from the Jane Austen classic Pride & Prejudice. But only one of the movies mentioned features the actor in an amazing Christmas sweater while at a holiday party. The Oscar-winning star also had a memorable role in the 2003 holiday-themed movie Love Actually, in which he plays a writer named Jamie who falls in love with Aurelia, his Portuguese maid — despite not speaking the same language.

But there are so many more reasons why Firth is the undisputed king of Christmas movies.

He Can Rock An Ugly Christmas Sweater

In this memorable moment from the 2001 movie Bridget Jones' Diary, Bridget (Renee Zellweger) first encounters future love Mark Darcy (Firth) as he's wearing a hideous Christmas reindeer sweater. He still looks dashing in it, doesn't he? And a few years after this, ugly Christmas sweater parties became all the rage, so he was really ahead of the curve.

He Gets That Christmas Is All About Love

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In the 2003 Christmas classic Love Actually, Firth's Jamie comes home to his large family for the holiday — armed with bags of gifts — but then he drops them all so he can declare his love to Aurelia, a Portuguese maid who helped him through a break up. He even learned Portuguese for her!

He's Animated About The Holiday (& Cheerful, Too)

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In the 2009 animated version of Disney's A Christmas Carol, Firth provided the voice of Fred, the cheery nephew of grumpy Ebeneezer Scrooge (played by Jim Carrey).

He Knows How To Light Up A Christmas Tree (Literally)

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To promote A Christmas Carol in 2009, Firth helped turn on the lights of London's Regent Street among screaming and adoring fans. "I've never felt quite so much like Justin Timberlake," Firth said in the video above.

He Knows His Way Around Awards Season

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Since 1995's The English Patient, Firth has appeared in many Oscar-nominated films — in addition to other films aiming for a gold man — and they have generally been released during the holiday season for awards consideration. His two biggest performances have been 2009's A Single Man, for which he was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, and 2010's The King's Speech, for which he won the Oscar — as well as most of the other awards that year.

He's Romantic In The Snow

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The classic ending of Bridget Jones' Diary has Mark and Bridget kissing in the snow on a street corner while she's (accidentally) in her underwear. But he bought her a new diary, and it was the sweetest gift.

He Believes In The True Spirit Of The Holiday

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While promoting the 2009 movie A Christmas Carol, Firth told Real.com in the video above that he's not into all the crazy commercial stuff surrounding Christmas. "We all have that moment of finding it all hypocritical and commercial and fake," he said in the video. "Because Christmas does do that to us — blasting horrible jingles at us...But in the end, you want it to be cheerful and about family and love. "

Well said by the Christmas King himself.

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