Woman Gets Married, Goes Straight To McDonald's

Weddings are long, and people get hungry, so this bride eating McDonald's after her wedding is my new hero. I'm the kind of person that would eat McDonald's on the reg if it were readily available to me. My mum used to say that when you become an adult, you lose your taste for fast food. I believe she lied to me. The most amazing bride ever, aka Antoinette Sullivan, went to McDonald's IN HER WEDDING DRESS, to scoff down a burger, fries, and mozzarella sticks. Guys. I want to be best friends with this woman and eat Maccas with her all day. Screw wedding diets!

The now viral meal happened right after the ceremony was over (come on, who hasn't been to a wedding and wished for a Big Mac after the vows were done?), because not only was Antoinette hungry, her husband was paintballing with his groomsmen. The wedding was arranged on short notice, so paintball was the bachelor party, even though Miles, the groom, was no longer the bachelor. So Antoinette did what every bride before her wishes they did, and every bride after her will be inspired to do, and took her gals to McDonald's. Here she is clearly having the best day of her life:

Meanwhile, if you're worried about Miles ditching Ant (yah, we besties now) straight after their nuptials to be abducted by his bros for paintball, he told The Mirror, I asked Antoinette first, of course, but she was great about it. We’re like that as a couple. I love her to bits. I must have the best wife in the world to let me leave her in her dress and go off on my stag do.” Antoinette gave a similar sentiment: "At first I thought he was joking, but then I just said, ‘Go and have fun.’ To be honest, I was relieved because I was starving and didn’t want some poncy wedding day anyway. We laughed about it, but my friends said I should have gone mad. But I don’t care — it was a great day and I’d been craving junk food after months of dieting…. We just wanted to do it in our own way and for ourselves. We are not traditionalists.”

Meanwhile, over the weekend at Miami Fashion Week, McDonald's got in on the wedding game, debuting a wedding dress made from burger wrappers:

It wasn't totally terrible! I mean, I personally wouldn't wear it, but I would help them make it by eating some of the food they used the wrappers from. Meanwhile, some more McCouture from the runway:

1. This Cup Dress

2. This Cup/Burger Wrapper Scarf

3. And These ~Creative~ Dresses

Would you wear this McFashion?

Image: Getty Images