We Haven't Seen The Last Of 'Originals' Rebekah

There's been far from a shortage of Rebekah Mikaelson on The Originals this season. Over the past five episodes, Claire Holt returned to The Originals Season 3 in a series of flashbacks — most recently, revealing that Aurora was the first person she turned — and that may not be the last we see of her. This season is still building the prophecy that's laid out how the Originals will die and exactly what roles these new characters will play, but set spoilers from The Originals Season 3 reveal that Rebekah could return to present day New Orleans. "We're going to be looking for our sister," Daniel Gilles says about what's next in resolving the prophecy drama and making temporary peace with Klaus. Sure, that could mean Freya, but Phoebe Tonkin confirms that the "sister" we're searching for is, obviously, the one and only Rebekah Mikaelson.

"Rebekah was really good to Hayley, especially when they first met," Tonkin says, "When Rebekah left, Hayley missed her friend and she missed the kind of female energy of having another female that can kind of stand up to Klaus and Elijah." And it's their bond that's going to push Hayley into working with Klaus and Elijah to find their on-the-run sister. "She [Hayley] knows that, if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Hayley that was missing, Rebekah would do everything to try to find her," the actress says, "So, she's definitely going to be a part of that."

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Holt will return to the series — especially since she's still currently starring on Aquarius — but, with the delicate nature of most things involving the Original family, it wouldn't surprise me if Rebekah had to ditch her new body and return to Holt's. Either way, however, especially now that Aurora has returned to find and protect Rebekah from what's coming, it seems inevitable that this Mikaelson sister needs to make a return to New Orleans. Whether it be by Claire Holt or Maisie Richardson-Sellers' body, Originals fans officially have something to look forward to.

I mean, we all knew Rebekah couldn't stay away from her family for that much longer anyway.

Images: Annette Brown, screengrab/The CW; Giphy