The One Holiday Makeup Hack You Need To Know

Makeup alone is reason enough to love the holiday season. Bright red lips and shimmery shadow are a staple, not to mention rosy cheeks and lashes long enough to catch snowflakes. These are the ultimate winter glam necessities, but the one holiday makeup hack you should remember this season is about keeping it all in place: I'm talking glitter glue, people.

No matter what makeup artist and beauty vlogger you follow on Instagram or YouTube, every artist loves to do a shimmering, twinkly eyeshadow look for holiday makeup tutorials. It's bright, festive, and looks good on everyone, and you can amp it up with false lashes or a winged eyeliner. It also pairs beautifully with a red lip! While the glam look can be difficult to master, the real trick is keeping your shimmering shadow on your eyes and not all over your face. That's where shadow insurance, or glitter glue, comes in.

While priming your eyes with foundation or concealer can help regular shadow go on pigmented and smooth, it doesn't do the trick for glittery shadows or pigments. You know what Demetri Martin said: "Glitter is the herpes of crafts," and makeup, too. It can be impossible to get rid of and it gets absolutely everywhere. This is why you need glitter glue and high quality pigments in your life.

Below, I rounded up my favorite go-to products to use this season for a classic holiday look.

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue, $20.00,

This stuff goes under your shimmery shadow or glitter pigment. Dabbing it on with your fingers and then use a slightly damp eyeshadow brush to gently press and pack eyeshadow on.

2. MAC Pigment in Platinum

MAC Pigment in Platinum, $22.00,

The MAC pigments are just the right formula — the glitter isn't too fine or too chunky, so it's easier to work with (for pigment, anyway).

3. House of Lashes Temptress

House of Lashes Temptress, $9.00,

Eyelashes are a great addition to your go-to glam makeup routine. You should always trim them to fit your eyes and a little tip: let the lash glue dry for thirty seconds so it's tacky and applies easier.

4. Maybelline Gel Liner

Maybelline Gel Liner, $7.21,

My favorite gel liner of all time is this Maybelline liner. It's jet black and not slippery like some, making nailing the pointed wing harder easier than it looks.

5. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking,

Matte is a great formula for winter, and this is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. It lasts without drying and has a universally flattering cool tone.

6. Major Moonshine Glitter Gel

Major Moonshine in Shirley's Temple, $28,

Ramp up your look by applying this "supersonic" glitter gel on top of your red lip or on your cheeks for an extra sparkly glow. The best part is that it won't get everywhere because it's got that gel texture that will keep it in place.

Images: Courtesy of Brands