'Crazy Ex Girlfriend' Crushed Another Stereotype

Breaking down stereotypes and flipping them around has become the bread and butter of the CW's Crazy Ex Girlfriend, a show that goes out of it's way to acknowledge the off-putting (and yes, problematic) title. This weeks episode "Josh and I are Good People!" takes on a dozy on an issue, busting open the stereotype of women needing validation, and not being able to stand anyone disliking them. While this is certainly a universal insecurity, it is one most often attributed to women and Rebecca spent the entire episode trying to sort out how to handle Greg not liking her anymore.

After their terrible date where Rebecca ditched Greg to sleep with a random stranger, Greg is understandably mad. When he sees Rebecca and Josh looking very cozy with their boba tea talking about the good old days, he broke down just how terrible they really are — Josh for seeing Rebecca when he knows Valencia would hate it, and Rebecca for how she treated him (the specifics he leaves to innuendo). Rude yet hilarious ("bye liars and terrible people!") Greg made it very clear to Rebecca that he did not like her. His dismissal of her triggers some deep and painful childhood memories of her mother (who is bound to show up in West Covina soon) and her dormant insecurities, so naturally she tries prove to him that she is a great person. It doesn't go that great, with Rebecca accidentally making her boss' child reveal that his ex-wife is having an affair, and mad cap plot to frame the ex for a felony. However eventually all's well that ends well, with her helping settle a divorce amicably and spares the family a long legal battle.

Moreover she realizes that instead of badgering Greg to forgive her, she needed to apologize and really mean it. She finally accepts that Greg might not like her or think she is a good person, but his opinion doesn't dictate what is true or what she believes of herself. Meanwhile, Josh Chan (with an assist from Father Brah) finally admits that even though he loves and is staying with Valencia, he is attracted to Rebecca — #humbleandblessed, right?

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW