Rebecca Has A Meltdown On 'Crazy Ex Girlfriend'

There is just something about a crash diet. You restrict yourself and you stay the course eating nothing but vegetables and green juice until you have a bad day and end up binging doughnuts in a storage locker... or something. This week Rebecca went on a crash diet of self improvement after a Tinder date gone wrong (or right, for Tinder). She decides to become both Buddhist and vegan all at once and we all know that this won't end well, right? In the midst of her clean-eating revolution Greg finally asks out Rebecca, against his better judgement. Rebecca accepts (against her better judgement) after Josh gives her the very, very green light to date him. Rebecca and Josh finally go on a date, at the cutest venue West Covina has to offer with plenty of tacos and hipster guacamole to go around.

Just as they are opening up and making real progress Greg cracks a joke that hits way to close to home. He gently mocks Rebecca's sudden veganism, pointing out that she makes impulsive decisions all the time and is clearly covering up that something made her want to flee New York. He's right, and it's nice to have Rebecca's flaws and idiosyncrasies (which are often played for laughs) out in the open, but man for a first date this is some rough small talk. Greg clearly has a few issues of his own to deal with. They talk it through a little bit, and everything seems like it is in the past when Rebecca has a breakdown and ditches Josh, unable to deal with this adult conversation. She quickly scarfs down some fresh taco-meat, and takes another random guy home with her. It's the binge after a too-strict cleanse, and Rebecca was never any good at baby steps.

All of this is brought to a head when Greg comes over and sees her one night stand leaving (after promising to find her on LinkedIn). Rebecca finally gets real with him, and herself, admitting that she is a mess and not equipped for a real grown up relationship that they were briefly flirting with. Greg leaves upset and Rebecca is left alone, though she does make better friends with her neighbor in the process. During all of this she helps Josh get a new job and he reminds her that she is fantastic unwittingly (or maybe not) feeding her crush even more.

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW