Carrie Underwood's Most Precious Family Moments

Nobody is perfect, but Carrie Underwood — and by extension, her family — comes pretty damn close. It's a bold statement, sure, especially for someone who doesn’t follow Underwood on social media. But I do and I’ll tell you, she conveys just how loving her family is without dishing out constant pictures with overly affectionate captions and poses. No, when it comes to Underwood’s Instagram posts of her family, it’s clear that it is about quality rather than quantity, which makes the little glimpses into her life all the more special.

Her most recent offense to our hearts? A video of herself playing with her infant son and asking him for a kiss. He complies by doling out kisses while “slobbering all over” her. I mean, if that description isn’t enough to cement my claims of utter familial perfection, well, then you'll just have to check out even more of the Instagram pictures shared by Underwood that prove this cute video is most definitely not a one time thing.

Thanks to the signer, there are a healthy variety of photos to fawn over, but first, I insist you watch the precious video of Underwood and Isaiah:

1. When The Underwood-Fisher Duo Proved They Were #CoupleGoals

Date night? Ugh, you guys!

2. When She & Isaiah Got Their Fitness On Together

Do I sense a joint exercise video coming?

3. When She Proved That She Birthed Quite A Sophisticated Infant

We probably shouldn't be surprised by his instant musical abilities, given who is mother is, right?

4. When She Captured This Adorable Father-Son Moment

Be still, my heart.

5. And This Other Equally Heartwarming Father-Son Nap

Can't handle this.

6. Or When She Reposted The World's Cutest Father-Son Selfie


7. When She Had Her Eldest Kids Share The News Of Her Pregnancy

As a dog lover myself, I totally dug how she did this.

8. When Isaiah Was Ready For His Close Up

Oh. My. Gosh.

9. When Isaiah Made His Coy Instagram Debut

<3 <3 <3

Is the Underwood-Fisher clan your favorite celebrity family yet? 'Cause I'm fairly certain they're mine.