Joey From 'Friends' Is A Thanksgiving Pro

There were many things that made fans love the Central Perk gang so much, but if I had to narrow it down to just one trait that stood out among the rest, it would have to be Joey Tribbiani's love of food on Friends . Whether it was a late night snack or a gourmet Joey special (two pizzas), this guy was always ready and willing to devour some delicious meals. It's a trait that I've come to not only admire, but highly relate to, especially around the holiday season. As I've begun preparing for this year's festivities, I've come to realize just how much Joey has taught me about Thanksgiving and its many grand traditions. And I don't just mean in a strictly food-based sense.

Aside from loving to eat, Joey possesses many other relatable qualities that can easily be associated with this particular holiday, whether you realize it or not. And since Friends is known for its excellent Thanksgiving episodes, this character has had plenty of opportunities to serve up some words of wisdom on this annual day of thanks. So before you dig into that amazing turkey dinner of yours, take a moment and look back at all the important life lessons you've learned from Joey about this time honored holiday.

1. Pace Yourself Come Mealtime

Slow and steady wins the turkey race.

2. Sharing Is Caring… On Any Other Day Of The Year

This is a day known for its leftovers. You shouldn't have to share anything.

3. This Isn't A Time For Subtlety

Allow your appetite to take center stage. (Plus, you know Nana's story will sound so much more interesting if your mouth is full of turkey.)

4. Be Open To Trying New Things

Like a meat-filled trifle, you may end up loving it more than you'd think.

5. Own Your Actions

#sorrynotsorry for eating the last piece of pie.

6. Waste Nothing

Feel free to lick that plate clean without shame. No crumb should ever be left behind.

7. Never Back Down From A Challenge

The word "defeat" should not even be part of your Thanksgiving vocabulary.

8. Nap Breaks Aren't Just Important, But Extremely Necessary

And if you have a special someone to nap with, even better!

9. Ignore Any Criticism

Thanksgiving comes but once a year, so if anyone at the table doesn't understand your eating strategy, don't let it bother you. Just fill your plate with another round of food — it's the Joey way.

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