Bill Nye Releases Bow Tie Collection

For decades it was theory, but today it was confirmed: Science educator and cultural icon Bill Nye is releasing a line of bow ties in conjunction with designer Nick Graham, the Huffington Post reports, and it has been a long time coming. Ever since the debut of his television show Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! — ahem, excuse me) in 1993, Nye has boasted an impressive collection of bow ties — he reportedly owns over 400 — but has until recently rejected offers from designers eager to partner with the educator. Fashionista reports that Nye and Graham met through a mutual acquaintance, physicist Brian Cox, and the resulting collection is exactly what you'd expect from a science educator and advocate, featuring Nye silhouettes, a tiny "science rules" pattern, and the Planetary Society logo, of which Nye is the CEO.

Nye was an integral part of my science education as a child, and I'm glad to see that he continues to fight for science education with his forays into political hot topics over the last few years, such as his excellent performance in the debate against Ken Ham, or the publication of Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Power the World, which discusses climate change and sustainable sources of energy. But Nye truly won me over when he went on record in an interview with Bloomberg Surveillance stating that because half the world's population is female, half of all scientists should be female. Recently he came out in support of a woman's right to choose abortion in an interview with Big Think. Coming from a field where women are widely underrepresented, Nye's progressive attitude towards women is refreshing, and while what we really need are more female science educators in the public eye, I'm glad that Nye is still around debating, educating, and designing bow ties for us.

As for the bow ties, let's take a look:

Science Rules Black Bow Tie, $49.50,

Silhouette Navy Bow Tie, $49.50,

They're cute, aren't they? While we're on the topic of proclaiming your love of science with your clothes, check out this cool STEM gear:

1. For The Anatomists

Skeletees Skeletal System T-Shirt, $21.95,

I cleaned a lot of human bones as an anthropology undergrad, and nothing grinds my gears like an inaccurate representation of the human skeletal system. I am so close to actually buying this shirt because it's accurate.

2. For The Chemists

Point Grey Dress, Smoking Lily, $112,

This cozy black sweaterdress will keep you warm and nerdy — in style.

3. For The Engineers

Star Trek Engineer T-Shirt, $23.99,

We here at Bustle cannot be held liable for any accident or injury if you choose to purchase this red shirt.

4. For The Physicists

Space Time Warp Dress, $139,

Thanks again, Shenova!

5. For The Programmers

Circuitry Panel Pencil Skirt, $98,

To be perfectly honest, I know next to nothing about computer programming, but this looks like something programmers would be familiar with.

6. For The Mathematicians

Fibonacci Sequence Dress, $139,

It's mathematically and aesthetically pleasing.

7. For The Social Scientists

#TheDress Lace Bodycon Dress, £25 ($37.77),

Investigate the social ramifications of reintroducing a cultural trauma.

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