6 Things We Do On Email That Don't Make Sense

Email basically rules our lives. Even if you're someone who doesn't "do" social media, if you have any kind of employment whatsoever, you interact with email to some extent. I can definitely tell you that as a freelance writer, most of my job revolves around writing emails. Everything important happens on email. Or Gchat. If you're turning your nose up at that sentiment then you're not being real with yourself. Your email is your life support. It's the glue that holds you professional life, and sometimes your social life, together. And because we use it so much, we do silly things with it that make no sense. But we do them anyway.

It's hard to say why a person does things that make little sense, and could easily not be done. It's like when I make a smiley face like this :) instead of using the much more elaborate, not to mention one tap, emoji smiley face. Maybe we're all just crazy, being crazy, doing crazy things with our technology while just trying to get by in this crazy world. And that's OK. Here are some things about email that make no sense, but we do them anyway. Because we're just crazy like that.

1. Reading An Email And Not Replying Right Away

I mean, you could just reply? Why don't you just reply? Why do you hit star and walk away? Why then, three days later, DO YOU KEEP AVOIDING REPLYING TO THAT EMAIL? Responding to an email is one of the easiest things to do. WHY DO WE MAKE IT SO HARD?

2. Attaching Word Documents When We Could Just Copy And Paste

Look. Real talk here. No one likes opening an attachment from an email. It's cumbersome. Sometimes slow. Sometimes the file type is incompatible. We could just put small text documents right in the email. Save everyone a headache. But we don't. And we never will.

3. Replying All When Only Addressing One Person

My biggest pet peeve is being on a group email with two people who are having a private conversation just with each other. Or one in which 60 different people respond something completely useless to the initial email. DO NOT. REPLY. ALL. (Unless everyone needs to see your reply).

4. Sending A Burst Of Short Answers

Sometimes we treat email like text, sending a burst of sentence long emails in a row. But email isn't text. We could just as easily write a paragraph, but nooooooooo, we have to have ALL the emails.

5. Writing Essays Where Dot Points Could Be Used

We all do it. We all write a thesis where three short dot points would suffice. Because the new loving to hear yourself speak is loving seeing yourself type.

6. Judging People Based On Their @ Address

I mean, you can tell a lot from someone's email address. But mostly you can't tell anything at all.

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