Christina Caradona Of 'Trop Rouge' Dishes On All Things Holiday — And Style Tips To Live By Year-Round

A scroll through Christina Caradona's Instagram feed lures you into a soothing sea of crisp white linens, perfectly overflowing plates of french fries, and an expert balance of vintage finds and classic staples — with just a hint of borrowed-from-the-boys style. Her hair couldn't be that perfectly tousled in real life, could it? (Yes, it turns out it could.) The model-meets-style guru behind cult favorite blog "Trop Rouge" lives and breathes the image she puts out to her loyal followers. In a world where social media portrayals are constantly second-guessed, it's refreshing to meet the human behind the screen and see that it really does line up. Christina Caradona is the coolest girl at the party, but you'd still want to be her BFF — so we were beyond excited to spend a day getting the inside scoop on her holiday style and traditions.

In partnership with H&M, we hung out with Christina at a dreamy Brooklyn loft where we danced around to Drake, ate pizza, put together some prime holiday outfits, and picked her brain on seasonal must-haves. From cozy day looks to playful party-night rompers, your style inspo awaits. Just don't blame us when you head to the salon for your own curly lob.

Here's what we learned about the girl behind the Instagram.

She's A Downtown Kind Of Girl

"I'm a model and fashion blogger living on NYC's Lower East Side, but if you were to bump into me on the street, it would probably happen in Chinatown. It's one of my favorite neighborhoods; there are a lot of hidden gems down there!"

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Her Approach To Fashion Is Refreshingly Down To Earth

"My style is a pretty eclectic mix of street and classic. I love traditional staple pieces like classic striped shirts and perfect white button-ups. Being comfortable is a must for me."

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Her Beauty Staples Are Timeless

"I love a classic cat eye, and my favorite lipstick is Givenchy in 'Beige Plume.'"

She Knows The Key To Being A Perfect Guest (Hint: It Involves Presents)

"It's always stylish to bring a gift. I think candles are perfect for anyone... and who doesn't want their apartment smelling amazing?"

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You'll Probably (Definitely) Want To Invite Her To Your Next Potluck

"I make a spicy baked meatball appetizer and a banging homemade apple crumble for dessert."

Her Little Brother Is Afraid Of Santa Claus...

"When my little brother Pierce was about 1, he heard Santa's voice and sleigh bells for the first time. Poor baby was so terrified. It put him into total shock — I'm talking body-frozen shock. He ended up being fine, but for a minute we thought there was something seriously wrong. To this day, Pierce still isn't a fan of Santa, and this moment still brings our family to tears of laughter."

...On The Other Hand, He Really Knows How To Give A Gift

"My brother gives me a new pillow every Christmas, and it's literally the best gift ever. I love sleeping."

Her Style Is Always Evolving — And So Is She

"Fashion is such an important part of my life, and not only because it's my job. I'm still growing, and my style is ever-changing. Fashion is a way to communicate without uttering a word, and that's why I love it."

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Images: Andrew Zaeh / Bustle; family snapshot courtesy of Christina CaradonaMakeup: Joy FennellHair: Matthew Tuozzoli

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